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Physics 204 - Fall 2015

(subject to revisions)

General Physics 204 Fall 2015   www.physics.rutgers.edu/~croft
Instructor:Prof. Mark Croft/Serin113/848-445-8746/croft AT physics.rutgers.edu/MW 6:55-7:50 PM
Text: Physics Vol 2. by J. Walker (4th  Edition) Pearson Prentice Hall [ISBN: 978-0-321-61112-3 check] 
Leonardo Santana (Course Admn.)  PIC [santana AT physics.rutgers.edu, ARC239] Office Hr.= Fri. 1:30 - 3:00 pm
Vaibhav Dwivedi  PIC [dwivedi AT physics.rutgers.edu, ARC228] Office Hr.= Tues. 9:30-11:30 am
Deepti Jain  PIC [jain AT physics.rutgers.edu, ARC222] Office Hr.= Wed 10:00am-noon

SEC INDEX  RECIT                  INSTR          SEC  INDEX   RECIT              INSTR            
01  03256 M 10:35-11:30AM SEC-220 Dwivedi        06  02593 M 5:15-6:10PM SEC-217 Dwivedi        
02  03124 M 12:15-1:10PM  ARC-206 Santana        07  02364 M 8:25-9:20PM SEC-212 Santana          
03  03625 M 1:55-2:50PM   ARC-206 Dwivedi        08  02688 M 8:25-9:20PM SEC-217 Dwivedi   
04  03222 M 3:35-4:30PM   SEC-212 Jain           09  12923 M 5:15-6:10PM ARC-110 Jain             
05  00383 M 5:15-6:10PM   SEC-212 Santana        10  12924 T 3:35-4:30PM ARC-108 Jain              
                                                 11  12925 T 6:55-7:50PM SEC-220 Jain 
Note:Involves entering     net-ID  and Rutgers CAS password. 
 Click here for homework problem/solution directory [get password info in lecture].  Note: click on file to view.

 Click here for lecture note  directory. 
Note:  lec-01-204.pdf  means pdf-file of lectures of week and just click on file to view.

 selected formulas for all tests

 Exam 1 scale. 
 Exam 2 scale. 
 Final Exam scale. 
0000] EXAMS 
formulas for Final

Location=ARC 103            Location=Physics LH
Sec Instructor              Sec Instructor
01   Dwivedi                02   Santana
03   Dwivedi                05   Santana
06   Dwivedi                07   Santana
08   Dwivedi                11   Jain
04   Jain                     
09   Jain
10   Jain 

Note: Final Makeup EXAM on Thurs Dec. 17  10:00 AM meet at Prof. Croft's office Serin 113

Note: No graphing calculators or formuls storage calculators allowed at any exam.
Note: All questions about exams should be asked in lecture.

0] Physics Tutors Fall 2015
1] Recitation Quizzes are a major part of the grade!  Do not miss them !! 
2] Lecture Notes in the lecture note directory linked above.
3] Students may go to any office hr. in the course. The instructor's pictures are accessible by clicking on their names.
4] For a note on the "shoot-the-monkey" demo, accelerating reference frames
 and Einstein's General Theory of Relativity from last semester  click here> 
5] Additional Material  On Bohr, U and Th>   On the WWII Pu-implosion bomb> 

Lecture Schedule
Wk/Lect.  Day-Date      Topic                                   Reading:Chapter
1/1  W Sept.  2,  Intro. Electric Charge, Force,  Field         19

2/2  Tues Sept.  8,  Electric  Field ; Gausses Law (GL)            19  electrice polarizability- baloons
     [Tues=Mon Classes]
2/3  W Sept.  9,  GL cont./ Electric Potential & Energy         19/20
Note Chapter 19 Problems covered in lecture in first 3 lectures

3/4  M Sept. 14,  Electric Potential (EP) &; Energy             20
3/5  W Sept. 16,  EP cont./ Electric Currents & DC Circuits     20/21 DC Circuit Construction Kit
4/6  M Sept. 21,  Electric Currents & DC Circuits               21    DC & AC Circuit Construction Kit
                                                                     capacitor discharge>
4/7  W Sept. 23,  Magnetic forces & Magnetic Fields             21/22  Faraday Motor schematic 
                                                                       Video (.rm) of elec. beam perp. to magnetic field. 
                                                                       Faraday Motor video> 
                                                                       Video (.rm) of elect. beam parallel to magnetic field.
5/8  M Sept. 28,  Magnetic forces & Magnetic Fields             22 
5/9  W Sept. 30,  Electromagnetic Induction & Faraday's Law     22/23 eddy current schematic> 
                                                                      solid disk in magnet video 
6/10  M Oct.  5,    Electromagnetic Induction & Faraday's Law     23   Faraday's Lab   Falling Magnet Animation
                                                                      slotted disk in magnet video>   zig-zag cut disk in magnet video                                                                               Ring Flinger>  Can Crusher> 
6/11  W Oct.  7,  Alternating currents                          24 Note: "PHASOR" CONCEPT NOT USED IN THIS COURSE
7/  Sun. Oct 11, EXAM#1: 8:10-9:40 PM on chapters 19, 20, 21, 22 (selected -discuss in lecture)  
7/12  M  Oct. 12, Make Up Exam in LH (No Lecture but Recitation meets!)
                                                                     Faraday's Law 
7/13  W Oct. 14,  Alt. currents: Electromagnetic Waves          25  Radio Wave Simulation
7/14  M Oct. 19,  Electro. Waves/ Geometric Opt                 26 Geometrical Optics   
8/15  W Oct. 21,  Geometric Optics & Optical Inst.              27 one lens/mirror ray tracing site
                                                                   2 lens ray tracing site	
9/16  M Oct. 26,  Geometric Optics/Wave Nature of Light         28 interference in soap film>
                                                                    surface shock waves in nature 
9/17  W Oct. 28,  Wave Nature of Light-Phys. Optics             28 Wave reflection animation.
                                                                  Double Slit Diffraction.
                                                                  Single Slit Diffraction.
10/18   M Nov.  2,  Wave Nature of Light/Relativity              29"acc. Reference frame discussion 
10/19  W Nov.   4,  Relativity/ Quantum Physics                  30 Circular orbit of e in B field  

11/20  W Nov.  9,  Relativity/ Quantum Physics                   30white and atomic spectra>
11/21  M Nov. 11,  Quantum Physics                               30 Photoelectric Effect
12/    Sun. Nov. 15, EXAM#2   8:10-9:40 PM on chapters 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 (part discussed in lecture)  
12/22  M Nov. 16,  No Lecture but Recitation meets! (Make Up Exam in LH)
12/23  W Nov. 18, Quantum/Atomic Physics                        31Blackbody_Spectrum
13/24  M Nov. 23, Quantum/Atomic Physics                        31  Rutherford Scattering
                                                                32 Hydrogen Atom Models                              13/25  W Nov. 26, NO CLASS THANKSGIVING BREAK
13/    W Nov. 25, NO CLASS (Wed. =Fri classes  THANKSGIVING BREAK)

14/25  M Nov. 30, Quantum/Atomic Physics/Nuclear Phys. & Rad.       standing wave simulation    
                                                                32 Quantum Square well- other potentials   
14/26  W Dec.  2, Nuclear Physics & Radioactivity               32 Atomic wave functions.
15/27  M Dec.  7, Nuclear Energy & Particle Physics             32 Alpha Decay
                                                                   Beta Decay
                                                                   Nuclear Fission
15/28  W Dec.   9, Nuclear Energy & Particle Physics             32 Nuclear decay
                  Big Bang and History of the Universe 		                        	
          Problems in Lect 32 :CQ: ;  P: 16,17,18,20,31,35,48,53,56,73,75,80    

Make-up Final  Thurs. 17 Dec.  10 am meet at Prof. Croft's office (Serin 113)   

RECITATION/HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS (Walker, 4th  Edition. Vol 2.)  

Recitation Schedule
Wk/Rec.  Day Date  Class Assignment (CQ=Conceptual Questions & P=Problems)

1/1   T Sept. 1 Tues, Recit. Meet. Introduction: Roster check: Discuss office hrs. (No quiz) 
2/1   T Sept. 8 Mon. Classes Meet on Tues.
       Introduction: Roster check: Discuss office hrs. (No quiz)
       selected problems 19 :CQ: ; P:18,23,27,28,38,43,51,53,65,67,70,101          
      Chapter 19 Problems covered in lecture also
3/2   M/T Sept. 14/15.  continue chapt 19 problems (No quiz)
                         begin  20 :CQ: 4; P:2,7,13,19,22,
                           review point charge potential 28,39

4/3   M/T Sept. 21/22.    20 P:50,52,55,83,86,97,105
                           other chapter 19 and 20 problems                           
5/4   M/T Sept. 28/29.  21 :CQ: ;  P:2,17,19,31,61,62,83 Additional 21 : P 14,29,38,39  
6/5   M/T Oct. 5/6.     22 :CQ: ;  P: 8,19,21,30,59,88

Note !!   Sun. Oct 11, EXAM#1: 8:10-9:40 PM on ch21, 22 (selected -discuss in lecture)
7/6   M/T Oct. 12/13.  23 :CQ: ;  P: 3,5,7,11,16,34,57,59,81
         (No quiz)

8/7   M/T Oct. 19/20.   24 :CQ: 7,10: P: 5,8,19,28,68    
9/8   M/T Oct. 26/27  25 :CQ:1;  P: 3,21,25,27,34   
10/9  M/T Nov. 2/3 :  26 CQ ;  P: 36,51,53,70,72,73,74
11/10 M/T Nov  9/10.  28 :CQ:;  P: 18,21,30,31,40,51,63     

Note !!   Sun. Nov. 15, 8:10-9:40 PM--EXAM#2 on chapters 22,23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 (part discussed in lectue)
12/11 M/T Nov. 16/17.   29 :CQ: ;  P: 12,27,48,55,60
         (No quiz)
13/   M/T Nov. 23/24.  No Recitations 
14/12 M/T Nov. 30/Dec. 1.  30 :CQ: ;   P: 2,4,10,16,20,65
15/13 M/T Dec. 7/8.  31 :CQ: ;P: 3,4,15,16,36,37,61,86      

Covered in Lecure  32 :CQ: ;  P: 16,17,18,20,31,35,48,53,56,73,75,80         
   CUMULATIVE FINAL EXAM Wed. Dec. 16, 4-7 PM  
Readings: The weekly reading assignments are listed on the syllabus and should be
completed before the corresponding lectures.

Homework:  Only after organizing in your mind what the chapter is about (the 
Summary at the end of the Chapter should be useful), should you work on the 
homework problems.  You will best learn the material by first doing the homework 
on your own.  It is also useful to study with other students in the course 
(not only can you get ideas for those things you didn't understand but 
explaining the material is perhaps the very best way to truly learn it yourself).  
Finally selected problems will be discussed in recitation.  
Solutions to homeworks will be posted on the web.

Examinations: Two 90 min. hour exams (HE);  and a final (FIN)180 min. exam. The exams
are closed book, a single sheet with formulae will be provided to you (bring no notes with you).
A simple calculator (without extensive formula storage capabilities) and a no. 2 pencil are needed for the exams.  
The exams are multiple choice.  The exam dates are noted on the syllabus.  

Recitation Quizzes:  A short quiz, based on recent previous material will be given in 
recitation (no quiz first week or on weeks of hour exams).   
A calculator is required.  There will be no make-up for quizzes. 

Grades: The course grade will be determined by your scores on: 
HE 1 (20%); HE 2 (20%); FIN (40%); recitation quizzes (20%).
In determining your quiz recitation grade the two lowest scores will be neglected.  Also the recitation quiz contribution to the final grade will be appropriately weighted to compensate
for systematic differences in instructors.
Math\Science Learning Center (Allison Rd Classroom Bld./Busch Campus/445-3123/3898
This Learning Center typically provides some support services for this course.  Help with the technical parts 
of the homeworks may also be possible. Please contact the center for more information.
 Students with Disabilities: click here

Selected advanced topics. FOURIER ANALYSIS. Complex variables and Electrical Impedance. Equipartition of Energy Theorem.