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Physics 203 - Spring 2015

(subject to revisions)

General Physics 203 Spring 2015   www.physics.rutgers.edu/~croft/
Instructor:Prof. Mark Croft/Serin W113/848-445-8746/croft-AT-physics.rutgers.edu/MW 6:55-7:50 PM
Text: 4th  Edition. Vol 1. of Physics by J. S. Walker(ISBN 9780321597519),(Peaeson Education, Inc./Prentice Hall;Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458)
Leonardo Santana (Course Admn.)PIC [santana AT physics.rutgers.edu, ARC239] Office Hr.=Fri. 3:00-4:30pm, ARC239
Unam Javed PIC [unab.javed AT rutgers.edu, ARC238] Office Hr.=Thurs. 2-4pm, ARC238
David Sheffield PIC[sheffield AT physics.rutgers.edu, W336] Office Hr.=Fri. 2-3pm, ARC 230
Steven Kaplan PIC [skaplan AT physics.rutgers.edu, W336]  Office Hr.=Tues. 4-5pm, ARC 204
sec index day-time        place   instr.         sec index day-time        place instr.            
01 00356 M  10:35-11:30am SEC-206 Santana        06 02545 M 5:15-6:10pm  SEC-205 Javed         
02 02290 M  12:15-1:10pm  SEC-206 Santana        07 02722 M 5:15-6:10pm  SEC-208 Kaplan   
03 02291 M  12:15-1:10pm  SEC-207 Javed          08 02860 T 3:35-4:30pm  SEC-211 Javed
04 02292 M  1:55-2:50pm   ARC-205 Sheffield      09 04318 T 5:15-6:10pm  SEC-205 Kaplan     
05 02544 M  3:35-4:30pm   SEC-216 Sheffield      11 03789 M 8:25-9:20pm  SEC-210 Santana      
                                                 12 04091 M 8:25-9:20pm  SEC-207 Javed        
Note:Involves entering     your RU Net ID and password. 
 click here for homework solutions directory [get password info in lecture].
Note:  problems listed, and solutions posted after recitation.
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Note: lec1-....pdf means lecture of week 1 in pdf format
 selected formulas
 Proposed simplified Exam 1 formulas 
 Proposed simplified Exam 2 formulas 
 Proposed simplified Final Exam formulas 
 Exam 1 scale. 
 Exam 2 scale. 
 Final Exam scale. 
Class cancelation information/materials (and other in class problems).
Note: Class meeting hours that even partially overlap RU canceling times are considered canceled for this course.
 Full Lecrture-02-2011 1D-motion click here
Video Homework-1 Ch1-Ch3 click here

 Chapter 2 problems in class click here
Video Chapter 2 Homework-1 in class click here

0000] EXAMS 
Cumulative Final Exam Tues. May 12, 4-7 PM

Location=ARC 103            Location=Physics Lecture Hall
Sec Instructor              Sec Instructor
01   Santana                04   Shefield
02   Santana                05   Shefield
11   Santana                07   Kaplan
03   Javed                  09   Kaplan
06   Javed                     
08   Javed
12   Javed 
Note: No graphing calculators or formuls storage calculators allowed.
Note: All questions about exams should be asked in lecture.
Note: Makeup Final EXAM Wed. May 13, 10 AM :meet at Prof. Croft's Office, Serin 113
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000] Physics Tutors
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1]  Winter weather Rutgers class status link    
2] Note the exam dates and times.
3] Recitation Quizzes are a major part of the grade!  Do not miss them !! 
4] Lecture Notes in the lecture note directory linked above.
5] Students may go to any office hr. in the course. The instructor's pictures are accessible by clicking on their names.
Lectures Schedule (subject to revisions)
Week/Lecture  Day-Date     Topic                        Reading: Chapter
1/1   W Jan.21,    Intro and math concepts	        Ch 1, Ch 3, App. A	
2/2   M Jan.26,    Math concepts:Kinematics in 1D       Ch 3, App. A:Ch 2
2/3   W Jan.28,    Kinematics in 1D                     Ch 2   const. acc. demo  bowlingball-incline demo
                                                               Galileo's Ball on incline
3/4   M Feb. 2,    Kinematics in 1D & 2D                Ch 4   Projected vs. dropped ball comparison.
3/5   W Feb. 4,    Kinematics in 2D		               "Shoot the Monkey" analysis  "Shoot the Monkey" discussion  "WWI naval cannon question"	
                                                               Projectile Motion
                                                               Projectile Motion vary friction.
4/6   M Feb. 9,    Forces and Newton's Laws(NL)         Ch 5,Ch 6(not Circ. Mot.)   human rocket demo   Force/reaction-force demo video.
                                                         balloon force/reaction force demo  Table cloth and dishes 
4/7   W Feb.11,    Forces and Newton's Laws		Ch 6 
5/8   M Feb.16,    NL-Applications/Circular motion      Ch 6   centrifugal force demo>   wine-glass-waiters tray demo 
5/9   W Feb.18,    Circular motion/Work and Energy      Ch 6,Ch 7
6/    Sun. Feb.22, EXAM#1: (8:10-9:30 PM) on chapters 1,2,3,4,5,6 (Further discussion of items on/not-on test discussed in lecture only.)
6/10  M Feb.23,    EXAM#1 6:30 Makeup PLH
6/11  W Feb.25,    Work and Energy/Pot. Energy          Ch 7,Ch 8   Spring & SHM  pendulum/energy demo> 
7/12  M Mar. 2,    Energy Cont.: Impulse and momentum   Ch 8,Ch 9 Air-track simulation. Elephant gun-pistol recoil 9.4 times 30-06 
7/13  W Mar. 4,    Impulse and momentum/Rotational kin. Ch 9,Ch 10  cannon recoil in movie
8/14  M Mar. 9,    Rotational kinematics/dynamics       Ch 10,Ch 11  right hand rule for  rotation 
8/15  W Mar.11,    Rotational dynamics                  Ch 11  ang mom demo-1  ang mom demo-2 rotation demo   Torque-rotation video 	
                                                         force direction (torque)/rotation

09/         SPRING BREAK  Mar. 16 - 20  Read Ch 12 and Ch 13
10/16 M Mar.23,    Rotational dynamics/Gravity	       Ch 12 Moments of Inertia    		
                                                       Newton's Mountain
                                                       Gravity simulation-solar system
10/17 W Mar.25,    Gravity/Oscillations                Ch 13 Spring & SHM 
11/18 M Mar.30,    Oscillations                             Harmonic & CircularMotion Simulation friction-case-study

11/19 W Apr. 1,    Oscillations/Waves   		Ch 14  Resonance Theory Simulation
                                                       resont glass shattering demo Tacoma Narrows Bridge
12/20 M Apr. 6,    Waves & Sound                     Ch 14 Earthquake Video
12/21 W Apr. 8,    Waves & Sound                     Ch 14   Pulse propagation-reflection 
                                                                SH wave propagation-reflection-interference-standing wave 
                                                         Earthquake Video
13/   Sun. Apr. 12, EXAM#2  (8:10-9:30 PM) on chapters 6,7,8,9,10,11 (Further discussion of items on/not-on test discussed in lecture only.)

13/22 M Apr. 13,    EXAM#2 Makeup PLH 6:30           

13/23 W Apr.15,    Fluids                               Ch 15 buoyancy discussion   beans/ball demo  Ducks-buoyancy density demo 
                                                              Bernoulli effect discussion  Bernoulli ball demo  Bernoulli effect & train ride.     
14/24 M Apr.20,    Fluids & Intro. to Temperature       Ch 16  pressure demo    can crush demo
                                                               LN2 pressure demo   nail bed demo 
14/25 W Apr.22,   Temperature/Heat & Phases	        Ch 17  Kenetic Theory Simulation   constrained explosion
15/26 M Apr.27,   Phases and Phase Changes/Thermo      Ch 18 States_of_Matter Simulation 
                                                             Gas_Properties Simulation        
15/27 W Apr.29,   Thermodynamics                  Ch:17 P:5,25,27,33 This happens when you don't properly vent a sealed storage tank b                		
16/27 M May. 4,   Thermodynamics                  Ch 18  Homework discussed P:3,10,23(what is T change),36,47,66

!!!Cumulative Final Exam  May 12, 4-7 PM

(subject to revisions)

Recitation Schedule Wk/Rec. Day Date Class Assignment (CQ=Concptual Questions & P=Problems) 2/1 M Jan.26/T Jan.27 Ch1: CQ:; P: 8,26,31a,35,51 (No Quiz) Ch3: CQ:2; P: 5,12,20,37,42,60 3/2 M Feb. 3/T Feb.3 Ch2: CQ: P: 3,15,33,42,44,46,56,74,81,90,107 4/3 M Feb. 9/T Feb.10 Ch4: CQ:; P: 10,11,19,23,29,43,49,75,86 5/4 M Feb.16/T Feb.17 Ch5: CQ:; P: 5,20,30,36,39,49 Ch6 P: 20,23,37,44!,45!,47!,48 6 Sun. Feb.22, EXAM#1: (8:10-9:30 PM) on chapters 1,2,3,4,5,6 (Further discussion of items on/not-on test discussed in lecture only.) 6/5 M Feb.23/T Feb.24 Ch6 P: 4,43,44,46,37,67,71,73,90 (No Quiz) Ch7: P: 1,4,12,19,21,24,32,46 7/6 M Mar. 2/T Mar. 3 Ch:8 P: 9,26,28,30,36,40,47,97 8/7 M Mar. 9/T Mar.10 Ch:9 P: 4,13,22,24,32,37,36,50,68 9/ SPRING BREAK Mar. 16 - 20 Read Ch 12 and Ch 13 10/8 M Mar.23/T Mar. 24 Ch:10 P: 6,11,16,31,47,66,72,111 Ch:11 P: 1,10,15,28,48,56,65,66,93 11/9 M Mar.30/T Mar.31 Ch:11 P: 1,10,15,28,48,56,65,66,93 (continued) Ch:12 P: 5,15,20,35,45,48,56 12/10 M Apr. 6/T Apr. 7 Ch:13 P:2,10,14,21,36,50,51,60,69 Sun. Apr. 12, EXAM#2 (8:10-9:30 PM) on chapters 6,7,8,9,10,11 (Further discussion of items on/not-on test discussed in lecture only. 13/11 M Apr.13/T Apr.14 Ch:14 P:1,5,17,23,57,68,69,75,76 (No Quiz) 14/12 M Apr.20/T Apr.21 Ch:15 P:3,6,15,22,27,34,46,51 15/13 M Apr.27/T Apr.28 Ch:16 P:33,36,38 Ch:17 P:57,60,67 16/14 May.4 No recitation hwk discussed in Lecture Ch:17 P:5,25,27,33 Ch:18 P:3,10,23(what is T change),36,47,66 !!!Cumulative Final Exam May 12, 4-7 PM Readings: The weekly reading assignments are listed on the syllabus and should be completed before the corresponding lectures. Homework: Only after organizing in your mind what the chapter is about (the Summary at the end of the Chapter should be useful), should you work on the homework problems. You will best learn the material by first doing the homework on your own. It is also useful to study with other students in the course (not only can you get ideas for those things you didn't understand but explaining the material is perhaps the very best way to truly learn it yourself). Finally selected problems will be discussed in recitation. Solutions to homeworks will be posted on the web. Examinations: Two 90 min. hour exams (HE); and a final (FIN)180 min. exam. The exams are closed book, a formulae sheet will be provided and no other notes are allowed!! The exams are multiple choice. The exam dates are noted on the syllabus. A scientific calculator with the following specifications is requited for the exams. 1) The calculator must have no cover or removable backing.. 2) The calculator must have a memory restricted to less than 10 numbers and no formulas. 3.) The calculator should not be a graphing calculator. Having a calculator at the test site that exceeds these specifications is grounds for receiving a 0 on the test with no makeup possible. USE SUCH A CALCULATOR FOR YOUR HOMEWORK FOR PRACTICE. Having a cell phone in sight at any time at the test site is also grounds for receiving a 0 on the test with no makeup possible. (Emergency arrangements should be made with the lecturer and the head proctor at the exam site) One or more no. 2 pencils are required for the exams. Recitation Quizzes: A short quiz, based on recent previous material will be given in recitation (no quiz first week or on weeks of hour exams). A calculator is required. There will be no make-up for quizzes. Grades: The course grade will be determined by your scores on: HE 1 (20%); HE 2 (20%); FIN (40%); recitation quizzes (20%). In determining your quiz recitation grade the two lowest scores will be neglected. Also the recitation quiz contribution to the final grade will be appropriately weighted to compensate for systematic differences in instructors. Math\Science Learning Center (Allison Rd Classroom Bld./Busch Campus/445-3123/3898 This Learning Center typically provides some support services for this course. Help with the technical parts of the homeworks may also be possible. Please contact the center for more information. LRC Tutoring for Physics 203 Tutoring for Physics 203 has typically been available through the in the Learning Resource Centers (LRCs). The web site for the LRCs is http://lrc.rutgers.edu/ Each week's tutoring schedule has (in the past) typically been posted on this web site on Friday afternoons. Questions regarding this resource should be directed to Joy Moskovitz, Coordinator of Tutorial Services Rutgers Univ., Kreeger Learning Resource Center 151 College Ave, New Brunswick NJ 08901 732-932-1443, E-mail: jmoskovi@rci.rutgers.edu Students with Disabilities note this site. Selected advanced topics. FOURIER ANALYSIS. Complex variables and Electrical Impedance. Equipartition of Energy Theorem.