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Rutgers Faraday Holiday Children's Lecture

21'th Annual !!!

Fri. Dec. 7, 2018 preshow demos start at 6 PM, show 7-8:30 PM

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Sat. Dec. 8, 2018 preshow demos start at 2 PM, show from 3-4:30 PM

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Sun. Dec. 9, 2018 preshow demos start at noon, show from 1-2:30 PM

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Contrary to the last 20 years of Faraday Shows, Rutgers has instituted a new parking policy under which all attendees to this (all) events must register online for parking. The assigned Faraday Show registration link is shown above. The parking department has recommended registration prior to arrival or, if necessary, by cell at the lecture site. The parking department has been cooperative and reassuring (albeit insistent) regarding these new rearrangements. Hopefully, the effect on attendees of this new rule will be minimal. Problems or opinions regarding these new rules should be addressed to the Rutgers Administration and copied to . Here it should be noted: that the latter copy is only so that a sense of the impact of these new rules can be monitored at the Department/event-coordinator level; and that the Department/event-coordinators have no power in this matter.

Rutgers Faraday Children's Lecture from 12/6/13 link.

2017 Children's Lecture Links. Fri. Sat. Sun.


Note: overflow seating will be accommodated via an internet TV link to an adjacent classroom.

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Physics experiments bring waves of children to annual lecture

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Sample Lecture Program and an Index to demo pictures/explanations.

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(for Children between the ages of 5 and 110 yrs.)

In 1826, physicist Michael Faraday founded the Children's Christmas Lectures at London's Royal Institution. His goal was to communicate to children the excitement of scientific discovery. In keeping with the spirit of those lectures, Mark Croft, a professor of physics at Rutgers, and physics support specialist Dave Maiullo present a physics demonstration and lecture show for children of all ages each Dec. and on special occasions, like Rutgers Day . This event is held in the Physics Lecture Hall at 120 Frelinghuysen Road, on the Busch campus in Piscataway. Driving Directions The event is free of charge and open to the public. The demonstrations presented are based on those used in our physics courses. They were designed not just to inform but with an eye toward humor and exciting the imagination. The object of the show is to emphasize the fun in science. Demonstrations will include an exploding hydrogen balloon, a man lying on a bed of nails and the use of a fire extinguisher to shoot a person on roller skates across the room.

RUTGERS TODAY: Rutgers Physics Shows Have Thrilled Thousands for 20 Years.

See the fun. Pictures (.pdf) from the 2017 20'th ANNIVERSARY show.

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Halley's Comet 1986.

Pictures and information from past lectures.

Additional pictures and information from past lectures

Link to Rutgers Astronomy telescope public viewing sessions.

NY Times Article on Rutgers Faraday Lecture 2003

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