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Physics 507, Fall 2010
Other References

Other books for reference: (You do not need these, but if you want an alternate source, here are some I know of)
  • More advanced or at this level:
    • Herbert Goldstein, Classical Mechanics, 2nd ed. QA805.G6 1980. This is the book I used before writing mine, and is most similar in spirit to mine. There is now a third edition, with Poole and Safko, which includes a chapter on chaos and a minimal treatment of differential forms.
    • Landau and Lifshitz, Mechanics 3rd ed. QA805.L283/1976
    • Percival and Richards, Intro. to Dynamics, Cambridge, 1982 QA614.8.P47 1982. This is where I learned the most about flows in phase space.
    • Arnold, Math. Methods of Classical Mechanics QA805.A6813/1981. This is the canonical high-brow text.
    • Jose and Saletan, Classical Dynamics QA805.J73/1998
    • Corben and Stehle, Classical Dynamics
    • Matzner and Shepley, Classical Dynamics ISBN 0-13-137076-6
    • Talman, Geometric Mechanics ISBN 0-471-15738-4 QC125.2.T35 1999
  • More elementary:
    • Jerry B. Marion and Stephen T. Thornton, Classical Dynamics, (3rd ed) QA845.M38 1995
    • Keith R. Symon, Mechanics, (3rd ed) QC125.2.S94 1971
    • John R. Taylor, Classical Mechanics QC125.2.T39 ISBN 1-891389-22-X
    • A. Douglas Davis, Classical Mechanics QC125.2.D38 1986.
    • Kleppner, Daniel and Kolenkow, Robert J. an Introduction to Mechanics QA805.K62
    • French, Newtonian Mechanics QC125.2.F74
    • Arya, Introduction to Classical Mechanics
  • Mathematical material
    • Paul Bamberg and Shlomo Sternberg, A Course in Mathematics for Students of Physics, 2 QA37.2 B36 1991
    • H. M. Schey, div grad curl and all that, QA433.S28 2004. more elementary.
    • Press, Flannery, Taukolsky and Vetterling, Numerical Recipes QA297.N866 1986. ``The Art of Scientific Computing''

There are also some of my notes you might want to look at that are not included in my book, but could be helpful:


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