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Physics 507, Fall 2010
Classical Mechanics


This is the website for Classical Mechanics, Physics 507.

About the text: The main text is my textbook, Classical Mechanics, which you can print from the web. See Getting the text.

Not everyone likes my book, and you can find the same material in many published textbooks. The most standard, but rather old, is Goldstein, the latest version of which is Goldstein, Poole and Safko, Classical Mechanics, third edition. Some material, such as motion in phase space, is treated more extensively in Percival and Richards, Introduction to Dynamics. Differential forms are only grudgingly addressed in the latest Goldstein, but are treated extensively in Arnold, Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics I will try to point you to the relevant sections of other books as we proceed.

More generally, all course information is available on these web pages, accessible by the links on the right. You should begin by reading the "General Course Information". Students are responsible for knowing whatever is posted on these pages. To help you be aware of any changes, an updated icon will blink at you to show pages which have recently been changed, and recent announcements will be posted here. Links which are not ready will be shown in orange.


Final Exam will be held in SEC (not ARC) 207, Dec. 21, 1:00-5:00 PM. You are allowed to bring your own notes and copies you have made of my notes, but not textbooks. You are allowed a calculator. All communication devices are not allowed --- cell phones must be turned off and placed in an inaccessible place.

Please see the announcement page for the insert for section 5.2, additions to the solution for homework problem 5.3, and the exam announcement

Classes meet in ARC 207 on Mondays and Thursdays, 10:20-11:40 AM. Please come on time!.

Students with Disabilities:
Please see Accommodations for Students with Disabilities and talk to me.


To submit a comment or report a problem with this site, please contact Prof. Shapiro.
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