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Physics 507, Fall 2010
General Course Information


Instructor: Joel Shapiro
Office: Serin 325
Phone: 5-5500 X 3886

Text: ``Classical Mechanics'', by Joel A. Shapiro, dated July 2, 2010. It is available as described here.

Homework: There will normally be a homework assignment each week. Late homeworks will not be accepted without special permission, generally requested in advance. Homeworks will be graded and will be a significant contribution to your final grade (30-35%).

Exams: There will be one hour exam and a final exam. They will probably be in-class exams on which you will be permitted to use some notes, and a calculator.

Class Times: The class meets in ARC 207, Mondays and Thursdays, 2nd period. (10:20-11:40). Classes will start promptly, so please come on time.

Office Hours: Thursday, 3:15-4:15, in Serin 325.

My book covers all the required material, but there are many other books which give alternate presentations or treat subjects in more depth. A list of some of them are here. There are also some links to supplementary notes at the bottom of that page.

Syllabus: The material to be covered is what is in the version of my book, with some adjustments as we go along. The syllabus is here.


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