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Physics 507, Fall 2010


Welcome to Physics 507, Classical Mechanics

Final Exam will be held in SEC (not ARC) 207, Dec. 21, 1:00-5:00 PM. You are allowed to bring your own notes and copies you have made of my notes, but not textbooks. You are allowed a calculator. All communication devices are not allowed --- cell phones must be turned off and placed in an inaccessible place.

Two things I wrote up, and emailed to you, are listed here

I added some material to the lectures, which is not currently in the book of my lectures, and is to be added at the end of section 5.2. It can be downloaded from here..

There has been a lot of correspondance about the correctness and suitability of homework problem 5.3. I stand by both, but I have spelled out in detail what I had supposedly failed to explain in the homemerk solution. It is available for viewing or for printing.


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