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Physics 507, Fall 2010
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( Oct 21-Dec 1) The midterm exam will take place Oct. 25, in the usual ARC 207, at the usual time, 10:20-11:40. It will cover sections 1.1-5.3 of the book, including the insert for the end of 5.2 (see below). You are allowed to bring your own notes and copies you have made of my notes, but not textbooks. You are allowed a calculator. All communication devices are not allowed --- cell phones must be turned off and placed in an inaccessible place.

(Aug. 19-Sept. 23)
The first class is Thursday, September 2. The next two are Sept. 8 and Sept. 9. Note that Wednesday Sept. 8 is officially a monday!

(Aug. 19-Sept. 23)
I would like some information about your backgrounds and interests. Please download and print this form, fill it out (including your schedule) and return to me in class or in my mailbox.


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