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Physics 507, Fall 2010
Getting the Textbook


I am making the text available in several formats. The text is available reduced to two pages per side of letter-sized paper, as available below under "For Printing", but the pages are also available unreduced.

First, the book is available to you on the web here, in pdf format, for viewing, all as one file. Don't print from here --- it would strain the printers and your printing quota.

Next, the book is available in small enough sections so if you do print one, it won't tie up the printer for too long. Here is the color code:
Background ColorMeaning
whiteentry as of July 2, 2010
bluerevised, but not crucially
orangecrucial revisions since 7/02/10

The print versions are suitable for printing, punching, and placing in an 11 inch binder if you like. Viewing on the web does have some advantages, however --- there are hyperlinks and some figures are in color!

View or download the Text here:
SectionsTo ViewTo Print Last
Last Signif-
icant Mod
title, TOC pp. i-v pp. i-vi, 1-2 11/17/10 11/17/10
Chap. 1 1-33 3-34 8/30/10 8/30/10
Chap. 2 35-64 35-62 8/30/10 8/30/10
Chap. 3 65-84 63-82 8/30/10 7/02/10
Chap. 4 85-122 83-122 8/30/10 7/02/10
Chap. 5 123-154 123-154 11/17/10 11/17/10
Chap. 6 155-200 155-198 12/1/10 7/02/10
Chap. 7 201-232 199-230 12/1/10 7/02/10
Chap. 8 233-261 231-262 12/13/10 7/02/10
Appendices 263-270 263-270 11/17/10 7/02/10
Index 271-276 271-276 11/17/10 11/17/10

Note the "For Printing" version has a few pages outside the indicated sections, as they must come in groups of four.

Joel Shapiro

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