Physics 406: Introduction to Solid State Physics

Spring 2013
Mondays, Thursdays 10:20 - 11:40 a.m.
ARC 204

Course Instructor:  Prof. Alexandre V. Morozov
Email:  morozov AT
Office Hour:  Tue 3:00 - 4:00 pm (E266 Serin)

Grader:  Maryam Taherinejad
Email:  mtaheri AT


Overview:  This course is intended to provide an introduction to the physics of solids.  We will begin by characterizing the properties of static (crystal structure) and dynamic (lattice vibrations) arrangements of atoms.  Next we will study electrons in solids and will identify key features distinguishing metals, insulators and semiconductors.  Semiconductor devices and, time permitting, biological systems will also be discussed.  We will end with two examples of macroscopic quantum phenomena, magnetism and superconductivity, and a discussion of current open questions. Topics of current interest will be covered throughout the course. 

Course Texbook:  M. Ali Omar,  Elementary Solid State Physics (Addison-Wesley 1993).

Supplementary Text:   C. Kittel, Introduction to Solid State Physics  (John Wiley & Sons 2005).


Week of
Jan. 21
No class

Introduction and Overview;
Interatomic Forces

Jan. 28
Crystal Structures and Diffraction: I

Homework 1 (due 02/04)
Handout 1
Handout 2

Homework 1 Solutions

Crystal Structures and Diffraction: II

Feb. 4
Crystal Structures and Diffraction: III

Homework 2 (due 02/11)
Handout 3

Homework 2 Solutions

Crystal Structures and Diffraction: IV

Feb. 11
Lattice Vibrations: I

Homework 3 (due 02/18)

Homework 3 Solutions

Lattice Vibrations: II

Feb. 18
Lattice Vibrations: III

Midterm I
ARC 204

Midterm I Solutions

Feb. 25 Free-Electron Model of Metals: I

Homework 4 (due 03/04)
Handout 4

Homework 4 Solutions

Free-Electron Model of Metals: II

March 4
Free-Electron Model of Metals: III

Homework 5 (due 03/14)
Handout 5
Kittel Chapter 7

Homework 5 Solutions

Electronic Band Structure: I

March 11
Electronic Band Structure: II
Electronic Band Structure: III

March 18

Spring Break!

Spring Break!

March 25
Electronic Band Structure: IV

Homework 6 (due 04/04)
Handout 6

Homework 6 Solutions

Semiconductors: I

April 1
Semiconductors: II

Semiconductors: III

Homework 7 (due 04/18)
Handout 7

Homework 7 Solutions

April 8
Semiconductors: IV

Midterm II

ARC 204

Midterm II Solutions

April 15
Semiconductors (Devices): I

Semiconductors (Devices): II

April 22 No class

Semiconductors (Devices): III

Homework 8 (due 05/06)
Handout 8

Homework 8 Solutions

April 29
Superconductivity: I

Superconductivity: II

May 6
Superconductivity: III and
Course Overview

May 10

8:00 - 11:00 A.M.
ARC 204


Final Solutions

 Exam Schedule

                   February 21                Midterm I

                     April 11                        Midterm II

              May 10                            Final


Breakdown of Grades

Midterm I
Midterm II

Class participation is greatly encouraged and will
contribute positively towards the final grade.

Special Announcements

Please bring a calculator and an equation sheet
to the final!