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Principal Investigator

Vitaly Podzorov [CV]

Email: podzorov AT physics DOT rutgers DOT edu


Teaching: Phys. Mod. Devices, PHY-397, Spring 2023

Teaching: Comp. Based Experiments, PHY-326, Fall 2022

Teaching: Electricity&Magnetism PHY-227, Fall 2017

Teaching: Modern Instrumentation PHY-327, Spring 2017

Teaching: Electricity&Magnetism PHY-227, Fall 2016

Teaching: Analytical Physics PHY-228, Spring 2013, 2014 and 2015

Teaching: Quantum Mechanics PHY-361, Fall 2012

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Post-Doctoral Researchers

Vladimir Bruevich

Email: bruevich AT physics DOT rutgers DOT edu

Research: organic semiconductors, OFETs, lead-halide perovskites, charge transport, Hall effect.

Alumni (postdocs, PhD and undergrad. students)

Hyun Ho Choi (now a fuculty at Gyeongsang Nat. Univ., S. Korea)

Email: hh.choi AT gnu DOT ac DOT kr

Research: organic semiconductors, OFETs, charge transport, Hall effect.

Hee Taek Yi (now a postdoc at another group at Rutgers U.)

Email: taeggy AT physics DOT rutgers DOT edu

Research: perovskites, strongly correlated oxides, OFETs, photovoltaic effect, Hall effect.

Hikmet Najafov (now at Coherent)

Email: najafov DOT h AT gmail DOT com

Research: Fundamental optics of organic semiconductors, spectroscopy, photoconductivity, charge and exciton transport.

Yuanzhen Chen (now a faculty at the South Univ. of Sci. & Tech. of China, SUSTC)

Email: chenyz AT sustc DOT edu DOT cn

Research: SAM, OFETs, optics of molecular crystals.

Pavel Irkhin (now a member of tech. staff at Micron.Inc, Boise, Idaho)

Email: irkhin AT physics DOT rutgers DOT edu

Research: Fundamental optical properties of organic semiconductors and related devices.

Bumsu Lee (now a faculty at the Southern Illinois Univ., Carbondale, IL)

Email: bumsu DOT lee AT siu DOT edu

Research: SAM, OFETs, molecular crystals and conjugated polymer films.

Danni Fu (now in medical school)

Email: danfu AT eden DOT rutgers DOT edu

Research: Organic single crystal growth, surface doping, conductivity measurements.

Krzysztof (Kris) Czelen

Email: czelen AT eden DOT rutgers DOT edu

Research: Organic single crystal growth for OFET and solar cell research.