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Astronomy 109 Fall 2023 (01:750:109:02:0209371)

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Astronomy 109 Fall 2023 (01:750:109:02:0209371) Web Page   www.physics.rutgers.edu/~croft/109-F23.html
Instructor:Prof. Mark Croft/Serin113/848-445-8746/croft AT physics.rutgers.edu
Text: ASTRONOMY TODAY V.1:SOLAR SYSTEM 9th edition by Chaisson & McMillan  Pearson  
      [Print ISBN: 9780134566221][Etext ISBN: 9780134873787]
Lectures: Mon. & Wed. 7th period 7:30 PM-8:50 PM at the Physics Lecture Hall (PLH)
Office hours: 1 hour before and after every Lecture                
              and by appointment (contact through email)

The course CANVAS site is at https://rutgers.instructure.com/courses/239823
Lecture notes are on CANVAS https://rutgers.instructure.com/courses/239823/files
Note:  01-...pdf  means pdf-file of lecture number 1.
Lecture videos are on CANVAS https://rutgers.instructure.com/courses/239823/external_tools/33394

1] MIDTERM Oct 25,  7:30-8:50 PM. in PLH  Midterm Announcment
2] Homeworks are a major part of the grade!  Do not fail to do them !! [Due on Wed. before the 7:30 PM Lecture (best submit well before).] 
3] Lecture Notes in the lecture note directory link above.
4] Follow space in the news and current sky charts at:  Sky & Telescope

Wk Lect Day  Date 	Subject	                  Read Chapt. HW-Due  Readings & Demonstrations
1   1  W   Sep  6   Introduction & celestial motions	1,
2   2  M   Sep 11   Seasons and eclipses                 1	
2   3  W   Sep 13   Ancient/Greek Ast./Earth Cent. Univ. 2    HW1 Additional Reading 
3   4  M   Sep 18   Copernicus/Galileo                   2	
3   5  W   Sep 20   Kepler/Newton: mechanics & Gravity   2    HW2  Galileo?s d=at2/2 experiment and graph
4   6  M   Sep 25   Light: continuous spectra            3        Galileo?s inclined plane demo 
4   7  W   Sep 27   Atoms: emission & absorption lines   4    HW3  Galileo?s anagram  
                                                                  Good Hume & Ivey reference frames video 
                                                                  Law of Inertia- rest   Law of Inertia- moving 
                                                                  Force reaction force 
                                                                  human rocket demo    Torque-rotation video 
                                                                  Force/reaction-force demo video.
                                                                  wine-glass-waiters tray demo   cannon recoil in movie
                                                                  Law of Inertia - moving 
5   8  M   Oct  2   Telescopes and instruments           5	  spectra 
5   9  W   Oct  4   Solar System: Overview & Formation   6    HW4    
6  10  M   Oct  9   Solar System: Overview & Formation   6        force direction (torque)/rotation
6  11  W   Oct 11   The Earth: atmosphere and tides      7    HW5   ang mom demo-1  ang mom demo-2 rotation demo 
7  12  M   Oct 16   The Earth: interior & geology        7        Force on current in wire in magnetic field
7  13  W   Oct 18   The Moon                             8    HW6   Force on e in magnetic field
8  14  M   Oct 23   Mercury: Review                      8        magnetism and geomagnetism

8  15  W   Oct 25  MIDTERM 	7:30-8:50 PM. in PLH    Material: Lectures 1-10; Book chapters 1-6, A1-A3	

9  16  M   Oct 30  Venus: greenhouse effect              9		
9  17  W   Nov  1   Mars: geology of a mid-sized planet 10    HW7
10 18  M   Nov  6   Mars continued                      10	
10 19  W   Nov  8  Jupiter:gas giant                    11    HW8  Mars-Tharsus-rotation
                   ;moons, mini solar system            
11 20  M   Nov 13  Jupiter's moons: mini solar system   11        magnet in tube- induced current
11 21  W   Nov 15  Saturn & its rings, moons            12    HW9
12 22  M   Nov 20  Uranus & Neptune                     13 	
12   W(W=F) Nov 23  no class  Nov 23-26   Thanksgiving Break
13 23  M   Nov 27  Solar System Debris;Chicxulub impact 14  
13 24  W   Nov 29  The Sun: our star, solar activity    16    HW10
14 25  M   Dec  4  The Sun (cont); Nuclear Physics      16 
14 26  W   Dec  6  Exoplanets:Life Question            15,28  HW11
15 27  M   Dec 11  Review                 
15 28  W   Dec 13  Review                                    	

   CUMULATIVE FINAL EXAM Monday, December 18, 8-11 PM Location Physics Lecture Hall (PLH)
   Although the exam is cumulative the greatest emphasis will be on material covered after the midterm exam.  

Readings: The weekly reading assignments from the book are listed on the syllabus and should be
completed before the corresponding lectures. Additional reading assignments from the web will be in the lecture notes.

Homework: Complete Homework questions must be submitted on Wed. before the 7:30 PM Lecture on the Date Due (see above).
Homework will be assigned in CANVAS on a roughly weekly basis, and will be due before the start
 of class on  Wed. Assignments will consist of multiple choice questions that assess your
 understanding of material covered by previous week's lectures and assigned reading.
 Your one lowest homework score will be droped in computing your semester average.
Examinations: A 80 min. Midterm; and a final (Final) 180 min. exam. 
A simple calculator (for selected problems) might be useful for the exams.  
The exams are multiple choice.  The exam dates are noted on the syllabus.    

Grades: The course grade will be determined by your scores on: 
    Homework (35%); Midterm (25%); Final (40%). 
In determining your Homework grade the one lowest score will be droped.  
 Class Policies and Resources: click here

Selected advanced/other topics. Earth-Moon System. Equipartition of Energy Theorem. Halley Comet 1986. Air friction and numerical integration.