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Colloquium Schedule

Fall 2016

Colloquia are held in the Physics and Astronomy Lecture Hall
at 4:45 P.M. on Wednesday afternoons.

Tea served 4.30pm-4.45pm. 

All welcome!  

Please contact our administrative assistant  Stefanie Miller( with questions regarding travel arrangements and reimbursements. Questions about the colloquium  schedule should be addressed to Prof. Piers Coleman (
Colored entries indicate special colloquia at non-standard times

Spring 2017 Colloquia

Day  Title Speaker Speaker's Host.
Weds Aug 17 1.30pm   Serin 385

Saurabh Jha
Rutgers University

Rachel  Somerville
Sept. 7 Not-so-dense gas in not-so-distant Galaxies.
Andrew Baker
Rutgers University
Jerry Sellwood
Thurs.  Sept 8,
1.30 pm, 385
   Eric Gawiser
Rutgers University
Rachel  Somerville
Mon.  Sept 12,
4.45pm, PLH
Statistical Mechanics of Protein Evolution
         Alexandre Morozov
 Rutgers University
Anirvan Sengupta
Sept. 14 Dark Matter in Collision at the LHC
John Paul Chou
Rutgers University
Amit Lath
Sept. 21 Studying Hot QCD with LHC Jets
Sevil Salur
Rutgers University
Jolie Cizewski
Mon. Sept 26
4.45pm, PLH

          Sergei Lukyanov
        Rutgers University
Sasha Zamolodchikov
Sept. 28 On the discovery of gravitational waves. Peter Shawhan,
Univ.  Maryland, LIGO
John Paul Chou
Mon. Oct. 3
4.45pm, PLH
    Emil Yuzbashyan
     Rutgers University
Natan Andrei
Oct. 5
Engineering topological materials, one layer of atoms at a time
 Matthew Brahlek
Materials Inst, Penn. St. U.

Sean Oh
Oct. 12
          No colloquium this week.

Oct 19
From partons to protons with lattice QCD Chris Monahan (Rutgers)
Herbert Neuberger
Oct. 26
Strongly Interacting Fermions under the Microscope
  Martin Zwierlein (MIT)
  Piers Coleman
Nov. 2
Einstein's Equations From Entanglement
Brian Swingle (Harvard)
 Tom Banks
Nov 9
Pinning Down The Smallest Kind of Neutrino Oscillation Kam Biu Luk
Daya Bay Neutrino Expt.
Steve Schnetzer
Thurs, Nov 10
ENG B120
Materials design is fundamental physics? Surely you're joking, Mr. Feynman!
(Rutgers 250 "Day of Revolutionary Thinking")

Craig Fennie (Cornell U.)
Karin Rabe
Thurs, Nov 10
Busch Student C
Center Hall

Innovative Imaging Solutions for Important Problems in Medicine and Airport Security
(Rutgers 250 "Day of Revolutionary Thinking")

Dr. Douglas P. Boyd
(CEO, TeleSecurity Sciences)

   Jolie Cizewski
Nov 16
New directions in strongly correlated materials Silke Buehler-Paschen
 (TU Vienna/Rice)
Piers Coleman
Nov. 23
  No Colloquium: Thanksgiving

Nov. 30
 The  Quantum and Fluid Mechanics of Global Warming
Brad Marston (Brown U.)
Piers Coleman
Dec. 7
The Polarized Microwave Background: ACTPol and Beyond
Jo Dunkley
(Princeton Astrophysics)
Rachel Sommerville
Dec. 14
The Physics of Everyday Life
Aatish Bhatia,
  (Princeton University)
Gyan Bhanot
Dec. 21
 No Colloquium: Exams/Winter Break.