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Rutgers Department of Physics & Astronomy
Astrophysics Seminar Spring 2013

Seminars are generally held on Thursdays at 2:00 pm in Serin 401

Colloquia are held on Wednesdays at 4:45 pm in the Physics Lecture Hall

January 24
(Host: Jack)
Gaspar Bakos
(Princeton University)
January 31
(Host: Marcel/rachel)
Benjamin D. Oppenheimer
(Leiden University)
February 7
(Host: Terry)
Sean McWilliams
(Princeton University)
February 14
(Host: Felipe)
Eduardo Rozo
(KIPAC; Stanford)
February 21
(Host: Andrew)
Eve Ostriker
(Princeton University)
February 28
(Host: Tad)
Joey Neilsen
(Boston University)
March 7
(Host: Eric)
Ryan Hickox
(Dartmouth College)
March 13
(Host: Jack)
Fiona Harrison
March 14
(Host: Felipe)
Matthew Hasselfield
(Princeton University)
March 21
Spring Break
No talk scheduled
April 4
(Host: Tad)
Brian Metzger
(Columbia University)
April 10
(Host: Jack)
Suzanne Staggs
(Princeton University)
April 18
(Host: Jerry)
Jack Steiner
(Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
April 25
(Host: Chuck)
May 2
(Host: rachel)
Room 385 Serin
Caleb Scharf
(Columbia University)

Contact: Jack Hughes

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Past Schedules
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Spring 2012 (Williams)
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Fall 2010 (Baker)

Spring 2010 (Pryor)

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last updated January 10, 2013