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The Rutgers Physics & Astronomy Newsletter       Number F21-14  2021-Nov 30

            Editor: Daniel Friedan        Publisher: Christina Pettola
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     Seminars and colloquia are being conducted either in-person, on the web, or hybrid. See below the events listing for pages giving instructions for connecting to the web seminars.

CMS Tues Nov 30 M. Zahid Hasan, Princeton University
1:30  330W and Zoom     "Discovery of novel quantum phenomena in kagome materials including superconductors"

HET Tues Nov 30 Geoff Penington, UC Berkeley
2:30  385E and Zoom     "Quantum minimal surfaces from quantum error correction"

SIP Tues Nov 30 Sean Oh, Rutgers University
5:00  Zoom     "Atomically engineered topological quantum materials"

MPS Wed Dec 1 Christopher Jarzynski, University of Maryland
10:45  Zoom       "Stochastic thermodynamics in the strong coupling regime"
                For Zoom link, please contact Avishag (

COL Wed Dec 1 Geoff Penington, UC Berkeley
3:30  Zoom     "Black holes, information and wormholes"

LSM Thurs Dec 2 K. Andre Mkhoyan, University of Minnesota
12:00  Zoom       "New Kind of Crystalline Line Defects and Electron Microscopy to Explore Them"

AST Thurs Dec 2 Antonela Monachesi, Kapteyn Astronomical Institute
1:30  Zoom       "How to decipher the accretion history of galaxies: Insights from stellar halos, bulges and brightest stellar streams"

PCS Fri Dec 3 Stephen Cox, University of Cambridge
11:00  Zoom       "Macroscopic surface charges from microscopic simulations"

HEX Fri Dec 3 Igor Ostrovskiy, University of Alabama
3:30  Zoom       "Searching for Magnetic Monopoles with MoDEL"

*********Partial List of Next Week's Seminars**************

NPS Mon Dec 6 Anirudh Patel, Rutgers University
1:00  Zoom       "Constraining Solar System Formation Through Isotopic Analysis of Presolar Grains"

CMS Tues Dec 7 Yongtao Cui, University of California - Riverside
1:30   Zoom     "Probing 2D Electronic States with Microwave Impedance Microscopy"

HET Tues Dec 7 Rebecca Leane, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
2:30   Zoom     TBA

SIP Tues Dec 7 Jed Pixley, Rutgers University
5:00  Zoom     "The measurement induced phase transition"

MPS Wed Dec 8 Leticia F. Cugliandolo, Pierre and Marie Curie University
10:45  Zoom       "(Non equilibrium) Thermodynamics of classical integrable models in their thermodynamic limit"
                For Zoom link, please contact Avishag (

IQB Wed Dec 8 John D. Chodera, Sloan Kettering Institute, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
12:00  Zoom       "Frontiers in structure based drug discovery"

LSM Thurs Dec 9 Judy J. Cha, Yale University
12:00  Zoom       "Nanoscale phase transitions in 2D materials"

MPS Thurs Dec 9 YanYan Li, Rutgers University
1:20  Hill 705    "Anisotropic Caffarelli-Kohn-Nirenberg type inequalities"

MiPA/EIJC Thurs Dec 9 Yao-Yuan Mao, Rutgers University
1:30  Zoom       "Why freedom of expression is not an excuse for a hostile environment?"

HEX Fri Dec 10 Francois Drielsma, SLAC
3:30  Zoom       "Scalable, End-to-End, Deep-Learning-Based Data Reconstruction Chain for Particle Imaging Detectors"


The departmental calendar of colloquia and seminars is

For instructions for connecting to the web seminars, see

     AST        Astrophysics Seminar               
     CCB        Chemistry & Chemical Biology       
     CMS        Condensed Matter Seminar           
     COL        Colloquium                         
     CQB        Center for Quantitative Biology    
     DELTA-P    Developing Educators and Leaders 
                       Among TAs in Physics        
     GAP        Geometry & Physics Seminar
     HET        High Energy Theory Seminar         
     HEX        High Energy Experimental           
     HON        Honors Seminar
     IQB        Institute for Quantitative Biomedicine
     LSM        Lab for Surface Modification       
     MiPA/EIJC  RU Minorities in Physics & Astronomy/Equity
                       & Inclusion Journal Club
     ML         Machine Learning Group Meeting
     MPS        Mathematical Physics Seminar       
     MSE        Materials Science & Engineering    
     NPS        Nuclear Physics Seminar            
     PAER       Physics and Astronomy Education Research
     PCS        Physical Chemistry Seminar         
     SIP        Seminar in Physics                 
     SPS        Society of Physics Students Talk Series
     SSPAR      Student Seminars in Physics and Astronomy
                       at Rutgers 

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