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The Rutgers Physics & Astronomy Newsletter       Number S23-11  2023-Mar 27

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Conference on mesoscopic physics and superconducting quantum circuits
   Conference Location: Physics & Astronomy 330W, 136 Frelinghuysen Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854
   Conference Dates: March 31 – April 1, 2023 (both days starting at 9am)
   Zoom Link:

The annual Department Banquet and Awards Ceremony, co-hosted by Society of Physics Students and Rutgers Astronomical Society, will be on Tuesday, April 18 starting at 6pm in the Busch Dining Rooms A&B.  The costs of the banquet are generously supported by the Department Chair's Fund – thank you to those who help contribute to this Fund.  To attend the banquet, rsvp at your earliest opportunity but not later than April 11 to 

Congratulations to our newest PhD's: 
- Dr. Chad C. Ummel successfully defended his dissertation "Single-Neutron Excitations in A=135 Nuclei" written under the direction of Prof. ​Jolie A. Cizewski, on Monday, March 20, 2023
- Dr. Anna Hallin successfully defended her dissertation "Anomalous Adventures -- Searching for anomalies at the Large Hadron Collider and in outer space" written under the direction of Prof. David Shih, on Thursday, March 23, 2023

  March 29 - April 5, 2023
  All presentations will be in person (12 minutes for talk + 3 minutes for questions). A link to a Zoom connection has been provided for each session below (note that the Session 1 connection is different from the others), but it is at the discretion of each individual speaker whether to present in hybrid mode or not.
  More information can be found:
  Session 1: Wednesday, March 29 at 3:30pm (Serin W330, with Zoom at the discretion of each speaker) -
  3:30pm	Alan Gan	Pseudo-Magnetic Field in Periodic Buckled Graphene on Engineered Substrates
  3:45pm	Jack Juechter	Hybrid Neutrino Detector in a Charged Particle Test Beam
  4:00pm	Andrew Schwartz	Searching for Millicharged Particles at the Short Baseline Neutrino Detector

  Session 2: Friday, March 31 at 12pm (Serin W401, with Zoom at the discretion of each speaker) -
  12:00pm	Grace Finlayson	Simulating Particle Decay and Scintillator Noise Backgrounds at the MATHUSLA Detector
  12:15pm	Eesh Gupta	Cross-talk Resilient Control of Multimode Cavities with Conditional Displacements
  12:30pm	Nidish Narsipur	Mitigation of Noise in Quantum Computation to Solve the Fermi-Hubbard Model

  Session 3: Monday, April 3 at 2pm (Serin E385, with Zoom at the discretion of each speaker) -
  2:00pm	Arya Lakshmanan	Testing Starburst-Driven Core Formation with Nearby Dwarf Galaxies
  2:15pm	Michele Lau	How Do We Describe Expert Proportional Reasoning? Case Studies Using Carlson et al.'s (2002) Framework
  2:30pm	Henry Zhu	Using Computational Fluid Dynamics to Evaluate Terrarium Designs
  Session 4: Tuesday, April 4 at 12pm (Serin W112, with Zoom at the discretion of each speaker) -
  12:00pm	Daniel Bernstein	Neural Networks on Riemannian Manifolds: Extending the Ring Attractor Network
  12:15pm	Tess Boland	TBD
  12:30pm	Sridhar Kumar	Uncertainties in the Dynamical Modeling of Galaxy Disks Due to Inhomogeneous Gas Distributions

  Session 5: Wednesday, April 5 at 12pm (Serin W401, with Zoom at the discretion of each speaker) -
  12:00pm	Mohamed Boubendir	Quantum Computing and Studies of Excited State Energies of the Fermi-Hubbard Model
  12:15pm	Bahgat Hassan	K-Long Backgrounds and Filtering in the MATHUSLA Detector
  12:30pm	Khovesh Ramdin	Determination of the Relative Fraction of Quark and Gluon Like Jets in pp Collisions at 200 GeV Using Jet Charge
  12:45pm	Brianna Romasky	Experimental Evaluation of Emittance for Electron Beam at ATF
  1:00pm	Sameer Erramilli	Making a Recipe for Robust Quantum Computation: Numerical Simulation of Quantum Error Correction Codes
  1:15pm	Terry Kim	Prospects for Reactor Anti-Neutrino Measurement with a WbLS Detector

     Seminars and colloquia are being conducted either in-person, on the web, or hybrid. See below the events listing for pages giving instructions for connecting to the web seminars.

NPS Mon Mar 27  Henry Klest, Stony Brook University
1:00  Zoom     "Jets in e+p Collisions and Novel Techniques for Studying Them"

CMS Tues Mar 28  Sanfeng Wu, Princeton University
1:30  330W and Zoom     "Topology, Superconductivity and Unconventional Quantum Criticality in Monolayer WTe2"

HET Tues Mar 28  Stefano Negro, NYU
2:30  385E and Zoom      "The relevance of being irrelevant"

SIP Tues Mar 28  Steven Clark, Rutgers University
5:30  330W     "NSF GRF"

MPS Wed Mar 29  Yuval Peres, BIMSA
10:45  Zoom       "How does high-dimensional Euclidean space look when travelling on a cloud of uniformly random points?"
                For Zoom link, please contact August (

IQB Wed Mar 29  Mohammed AlQuraishi, Columbia University
12:00  Zoom       "OpenFold: Lesson Learned and Insights Gained from Rebuilding and Retraining AlphaFold2"

MPS Thurs Mar 30  Konstantin Matveev, Rutgers University
12:00  Hill 705       "Stochastic six-vertex model and Hall-Littlewood positivity"

HET Thurs Mar 30  Tom Banks, Rutgers University
2:30  385E and Zoom      "The Density Matrix of a Causal Diamond"

HEX Fri Mar 31  Mohammad Wadud, University of Minnesota
1:00  372E and Zoom     "A search for anomalous neutral triple gauge couplings and a measurement of the production cross-section of invisibly decaying Z boson in association with a photon in p-p collisions with CMS Run II data"

COL Sat Apr 1  Anthony Mezzacappa, The University of Tennessee Knoxville
2:00 PLH Irons Lecture
              "The Cosmic Circle of Life"

*********Partial List of Next Week's Seminars**************

CMS Tues Apr 4  Michael Levin, The University of Chicago
1:30  330W and Zoom     TBA

HET Tues Apr 4  Annika Peter, Ohio State University
2:30  385E and Zoom      "Return of dark-matter self-interactions?"

MPS Wed Apr 5  Cedric Villani, IHES
10:45  Zoom       "Equilibration for kinetic equations"
                For Zoom link, please contact August (

COL Wed Apr 5  Anthony Mezzacappa, The University of Tennessee Knoxville
3:30  330W and Zoom     "In Search of the Core Collapse Supernova Explosion Mechanism"

HET Thurs Apr 6  Tom Banks, Rutgers University
2:30  385E and Zoom      "The Density Matrix of a Causal Diamond"

PCS Fri Apr 7  Erik Hoy, Rowan University
12:00   CCB 1203 and Zoom     "Capturing Multiconfigurational Effects in Nanoscale Charge Transport"

HEX Fri Apr 7  Joseph Reichert, Cornell University
1:00  330W and Zoom     "A long time ago in a pp collision far, far away: searching for displaced vertices at CMS"


The departmental calendar of colloquia and seminars is

For instructions for connecting to the web seminars, see

     AST        Astrophysics Seminar               
     CCB        Chemistry & Chemical Biology       
     CMS        Condensed Matter Seminar           
     COL        Colloquium                         
     CQB        Center for Quantitative Biology    
     DELTA-P    Developing Educators and Leaders 
                       Among TAs in Physics        
     GAP        Geometry & Physics Seminar
     HET        High Energy Theory Seminar         
     HEX        High Energy Experimental           
     HON        Honors Seminar
     IQB        Institute for Quantitative Biomedicine
     LSM        Lab for Surface Modification       
     MiPA/EIJC  RU Minorities in Physics & Astronomy/Equity & Inclusion Journal Club                       
     ML         Machine Learning Group Meeting
     MPS        Mathematical Physics Seminar       
     MSE        Materials Science & Engineering    
     NPS        Nuclear Physics Seminar            
     PAER       Physics and Astronomy Education Research
     PCS        Physical Chemistry Seminar         
     SIP        Seminar in Physics                 
     SPS        Society of Physics Students Talk Series
     SSPAR      Student Seminars in Physics and Astronomy at Rutgers 

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