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The Rutgers Physics & Astronomy Newsletter       Number S15-2  2015-Jan-26
           Editor: Frank Zimmermann        Publisher: Nancy DeHaan
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                              Department Tea 
                      Wednesday: Lecture Hall - 4:30pm


NPS Mon Jan 26 Wang Su-Yin, Academia Sinica
1:30 385E       "Status of the Fermilab Seaquest (E906) Experiment"

CMS Tue Jan 27 Nai Phuan Ong, Princeton University
1:30 385E       "The Thermal Hall Effect of Neutral Spin Excitations
                 in Quantum Magnets"

SIP Tue Jan 27 Scott Thomas, Rutgers University
5:00 385E       "The Era of Discovery at the Large Hadron Collider"

BioMaPS Wed Jan 28 John Hunt, Columbia University
12:00 CIPR 120      "A Structural Biologist Confronts the Central
                     Dogma: Elucidation of the mRNA Sequence
                     Features Controlling Protein Expression 
                     in E. coli"

LSM Thur Jan 29 Deirdre O'Carroll, Rutgers University
12:00 Chem 260   "Influence of Plasmonic Electrodes on the Optical
                  and Morphological Properties of Organic Semiconductor
                  Thin Films"

MPS Thur Jan 29 Frank Merle, University de Cergy-Pontoise and IHES 
12:00 Hill 705   "A Road Map for the Soliton Resolution Conjecture"

AST Thur Jan 29 Ondrej Pejcha, Princeton University
1:30 401W        "The Rugged Landscape of the Core-Collapse
                  Supernova Explosions"

********************Partial List of Next Week's Seminars**************

NPS Mon Feb 2 Raghav Kunnawalkam Elayavalli, Rutgers University
1:30 385E      "Recent Jet Results from CMS Experiment"

CMS Tue Feb 3 Andrey Chubukov, University of Minnesota
1:30 385E      "Charge Order in the Cuprates"

SIP Tue Feb 3 Rachel Somerville, Rutgers University
5:00 385E      "The formation of Galaxies and Supermassive Black Holes"

BioMaPS Wed Feb 4 Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, National Institutes
12:00 CABM 010    of Health
                   "Cell Survival Under Starvation: Crosstalk Between
                    Mitochondria, Lipid Droplets and Authophagy"

COL Wed Feb 4 Greg Fiete, University of Texas, Austin
4:45 PLH       "Topological Phases in Transition Metal Oxides"

LSM Thur Feb 5 Shriram Ramanathan, Harvard University
12:00 Chem 260  "Coupled Ionic-Electronic Transport in Oxide Systems"

AST Thur Feb 5 Gillian Wilson, University of California, Riverside
1:30 401W       TBA

For the calendar of upcoming colloquia and seminars in the department, visit

      MPS=Mathematical Physics Seminar   LSM=Lab for Surface Modification
      NPS=Nuclear Physics Seminar        HEX=High Energy Experimental
      AST=Astrophysics Seminar           SSS=Surface Science Seminar
      INS=Instructional Seminar          CMS=Condensed Matter Seminar
      SIP=Seminar in Physics             SPS=Society of Physics Students
      HET=High Energy Theory             COL=Colloquium
      MSS=Materials Science Seminar      HON=Honors Seminar
      BPS=Biological Physics Seminar     SSPAR=Student Seminars in Physics
      DELTA-P=Developing Educators         and Astronomy at Rutgers
        and Leaders Among TAs in Physics
      RAS=Rutgers Astronomical Society
      BioMaPS=Biology at the Interface 
        with the Mathematical and 
        Physical Sciences

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