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The Rutgers Physics & Astronomy Newsletter       Number F23-14  2023-Nov 27

          Editor: Daniel Friedan        Publisher: Christina Pettola
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24th Annual Rutgers Faraday Children's Lecture - Mark Croft and Dave Maiullo
2 identical shows ~1 hr. 30 min. length + 1 hr. pre show lobby demos at the Physics Lecture Hall: 120 Frelinghuysen Road, Busch Campus in Piscataway 
   Sat. Dec. 9, 2023 preshow demos start at 2 PM, show from 3-4:30 PM.  
   Sun. Dec. 10, 2023 preshow demos start at Noon, show from 1-2:30 PM.

     Seminars and colloquia are being conducted either in-person, on the web, or hybrid. See below the events listing for pages giving instructions for connecting to the web seminars.

CMS  Tues Nov 28        Abhay Pasupathy, Columbia University
1:30  330W and Zoom     "Two-Dimensional Heavy Fermion CeSiI"

HET  Tues Nov 28        T. Daniel Brennan, UC San Diego
2:30  385E and Zoom     "The Callan Rubakov Effect"

SIP  Tues Nov 28        Sean Oh, Rutgers University
5:30  330W              "Atomically-engineered Topological Quantum Matter"

MPS  Wed Nov 29         Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, CFM and Academie des Sciences

CASS  Wed Nov 29        Alyson Brooks and Shantenu Jha, Rutgers University
12:00  701 CoRE Bldg    "Cyberinfrastructure and AI for Science and Society"

IQB  Wed Nov 29         Jeffrey J. Gray, Johns Hopkins University
12:00  Zoom             "Artificial Intelligence Tools for Antibody Engineering and Protein Docking"

COL  Wed Nov 29         Undergraduate Honors Theses
3:30  330W and Zoom     link:
     3:30pm - Suchindram Dasgupta - "Spatial Distribution of Star Formation in Dwarf Galaxies Using Red Helium Burning Stars"
     3:50pm - Taha Kaleem - "Studying Proximity Induced CDW in Graphene/1T-TaS2 Heterostructures"
     4:10pm - Chirag Khurana - "Cryovolcanism on Titan Due to Sublimation of Clathrates: A Thermal Modeling Approach"

MPS  Thurs Nov 30       Lisa Carbone, Rutgers University
12:00  Hill 705         "Lie group analogs for infinite dimensional Lie algebras"

AST  Thurs Nov 30       Matilde Mingozzi, Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)
2:00  330W and Zoom     "The study of Interstellar Medium diagnostics in local galaxies to Interpret the Reionization-Era"

HET  Thurs Nov 30       Ping Gao, Rutgers University
2:30  385E and Zoom     "Probe black hole interior with an infalling observer by modular flow"

CMS  Fri Dec 1          Andrei Pimenov, Vienna University of Technology
1:30  330W and Zoom     "Static and dynamic switching effects in multiferroic materials"

*********Partial List of Next Week's Seminars**************

HET  Tues Dec 5         Francois Lanusse, CNRS
2:30  385E and Zoom     "Merging Deep Learning with Physical Models for the Analysis of Cosmological Surveys"

MPS  Wed Dec 6          Giorgio Parisi, Universita di Roma
10:45  Zoom             "Chaos with Magnetic Field"

COL  Wed Dec 6          Charles Ruggieri, Rutgers University
3:30  330W and Zoom     "Innovations in Course Structure, Resources, and Teaching Practices"

HET  Thurs Dec 7        Timothy Hoffman, University of Chicago
2:30  385E and Zoom     "PELICAN: Equivariance, Explainability, and Robustness in Jet Machine Learning"


The departmental calendar of colloquia and seminars is

For instructions for connecting to the web seminars, see

     AST        Astrophysics Seminar               
     CCB        Chemistry & Chemical Biology       
     CMS        Condensed Matter Seminar           
     COL        Colloquium                         
     CQB        Center for Quantitative Biology    
     DELTA-P    Developing Educators and Leaders 
                       Among TAs in Physics        
     GAP        Geometry & Physics Seminar
     HET        High Energy Theory Seminar         
     HEX        High Energy Experimental           
     HON        Honors Seminar
     I2I        Invitations to Industry
     IQB        Institute for Quantitative Biomedicine
     LSM        Lab for Surface Modification       
     MiPA/EIJC  RU Minorities in P & A /           
                       Equity & Inclusion Journal Club                                      
     ML         Machine Learning Group Meeting
     MPS        Mathematical Physics Seminar       
     MSE        Materials Science & Engineering    
     NPS        Nuclear Physics Seminar            
     PAER       Physics and Astronomy Education Research
     PCS        Physical Chemistry Seminar         
     SIP        Seminar in Physics                 
     SPS        Society of Physics Students Talk Series
     SSPAR      Student Seminars in P & A at Rutgers 

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