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Condensed Matter Seminar Schedule
Seminar Organizers: P. Coleman(S), L. Ioffe(F)
and H. Kojima
Regular (in yellow)CM seminars are held in Serin 385 at 1:30 P.M. on Tuesdays.
Friday (informal theory) seminars held at 4:45pm in Serin 287 or 385
Special/Informal Seminars(in blue) held at other times as listed.

Date Speaker  Title (Click for Abstract) Host 
Tue Sep 1  no seminar scheduled
Tue Sep 8 Jeevak Parpia
Dissipative mysteries -- experiments on glasses at low temperatures HK
Tue Sep 15 Alexander Korotkov (UCI) Non-Projective measurement of solid-state qubits:collapse and uncollapse (tentative) LI
Tue Sep 22 John McGreevy
Strange metal from holography GK
Tue Sep 29 N. Peter Armitage
(Johns Hopkins)
Disoredered metals, MI and SI transitions (tentative)
Tue Oct 6 Frederick Wellstood
Noise and decoherence in SQUIDs and Phase qubits
Thu Oct 8 Fred Zawadowski TBA NA
Tue Oct 13 Mattias Sitte
(special theoretical seminar)Energent Lorentz Symmetry with Vanishing Velocity in a Critical Two-Subband Quantum Wire LI
Tue Oct 20 Jak Tchakhalian
Strongly correlated complex-oxide interfaces: From growth to orbital physics GK
Tue Oct 27 Dennis Drew
Are electromagnons the Goldstone bosons of multiferroics? SWC
Tue Nov 3 William Halperin 
Looking at Vortices with NMR HK
Tue Nov 10 Anatoly Kuklov
Interconnection between superfluid and mechanical properties of dislocations in solid He4 HK
Tue Nov 17 Misha Feigelman
Quantum spin liquid state on a decorated honeycomb lattice LI
Tue Nov 24 Thanksgiving Holiday Week   
Thu Dec 3
(1:30pm 385E)
Fri Dec 4
(1:30pm 385E)
Michel Devoret(Harvard) Quntum circuits and qubits(tentative) NA

Spring 2010
Tue Jan 19 Maxim Kharitonov
Radiation of spin excitations in the nonlinear transport regime and conductance peak in quantum wires PC
Mon Jan 25
Wing-Ho Ko
Perturbing the kagome lattice spin-liquid state: Raman scattering, magnetic field, and doping PC
Tue Jan 26 Tien-Ming Chuang
(Cornell, and
HMFL Florida State)
Nematic Electronic Structure in the "Parent" State of the Iron-Based Superconductor Ca(Fe(1-x)Co(x))2As2 WWu
Tue Feb 02 Nandini Trivedi
(Ohio State)
Disorder and Field Driven Superconductor Insulator Transition HK
Tue Feb 09
Tue Feb 16 Mohammad Hamidian
Andrew Schmidt
Energence of the Hidden Order State from the Fano Lattice Electronic Structure of the Heavy-fermion Material URu2Si2
Tue Feb 23 Andrew Houck
Quantum Optics with Superconducting Circuits MG
Tue Mar 02 B. Andrei Bernevig (Princeton)
A new principle of adiabatic continuity based on the Entanglement Spectrum
Tue Mar 09 Tze Tzen Ong
Analysis of the antiferromagnetic phase transitions of the 2D Kondo lattice
Tue Mar 16 no seminar APS March meeting, Portland, OR (Mar 15 - 19)
Tue Mar 23 Eric Bauer
PuCoGa5: Dazed and Confused Superconducting 5f Electrons? PC
Tue Mar 23 11:00am
Wright-Rieman Aud
Evgeny Antipov
Moscow State
Towards New Perovskite Materials M.Greenblatt
Tue Mar 30 Yuri Pashkin
(NEC, Tsukuba)
Suspended single-electron transistor: a two-inone device
Thu Mar 25
Johaness Bauer
(Max Planck Institute)
Competing interactions and symmetry breaking in the Hubbard-Holstein model NA
Tue Apr 06
1:20 pm
Mark Laver
Small-angle neutron Scattering -- an invaluable tool to condensed matter studies VK
Tue Apr 13 Nicholas Butch
An experimental hunt for the surface states of a 3D topological insulator HK
Tue Apr 20 David Vanderbilt Orbital magnetoelectric effects and topological insulators(Part 1)
Tue Apr 27 Robert Hallock
Novel Behavior in Solid 4He: New Tricks in an Old Dog HK
Thu Apr 29
1:30 pm
R. Thomale
Entanglement spectrum of Fractional Quantum Hall states and Quantum spin chains NA
Tue May 4 David Vanderbilt Orbital magnetoelectric effects and topological insulators(Part 2)

Other Condensed Matter  related seminars on campus
Department Colloquia, held at 4:45pm on Weds in the Physics Lecture Hall

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