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Electron-Ion Collider Workshop: Electron-Nucleon Exclusive Reactions

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The Rutgers University Nuclear Physics Group is hosting one of several EIC Workshops jointly sponsored by Jefferson Lab and the Jefferson Lab Users Group, and supported by the laboratory and the Jefferson Science Associates, LLC Initiatives Fund.

The Workshops explore the physics of a high-luminosity, medium-energy EIC, as presently being developed at JLab as a possible future option. The Rutgers Workshop focuses on exclusive electron-nucleon reactions intended to map out generalized parton distributions, and to describe the structure of nucleons in terms of their basic QCD degrees of freedom, the quarks and gluons. The goal is to have a "working" meeting to investigate the case for the physics and the design requirements for the proposed high-luminosity machine.

The Workshop is planned for March 14-15, 2010, in the Theory Seminar Room (385E) of Serin Physics Laboratory in Piscataway. We expect to have support to waive all registration fees, but advance registration is required so that the budget and our ability to support some local travel expenses of attendees can be known in advance.

Other workshops in the series include:

More information can be found through the Jefferson Lab EIC page, or through the EIC Collaboration page. An alternative proposal is for the Large Hadron Electron Collider, LHeC. There is also a CERN COURIER EIC article.