Physics 615: Overview of Quantum Field Theory, Fall 2021

Instructor: Prof. Emil Yuzbashyan    E-mail: eyuzbash at    Office hour: by appointment

Make-up class: Wednesday, November 3rd at 12:30pm, same Zoom link

Lectures: Mondays and Thursdays 9 - 10:20 am via Zoom:  Passcode: 543221
Last lecture  is on Monday, December 13.

To benefit most from the lectures, it's best to read the text ahead of lecture. Then, you can ask questions that wouldn't otherwise come up. Don't hesitate to ask questions during and after lectures. Outside of lectures you can always reach me by e-mail.

Syllabus: Chapters 2, 3, and 4 of
Peskin & Schroeder (see "main text" below)

Below are the videos of Zoom lectures (zip files) and the slides (what I was writing on my iPad during the lecture). You can use these for review or in case you were not able to attend the lecture. If you notice any incorrect or broken links or missing files for any past lecture, please let me know at the email below.

Note: Videos and slides for future lectures are  from the previous year - I will be replacing them with our actual lectures as we go. You're welcome to take a look at them while I haven't replaced them, though we might deviate from past lectures in certain ways. 
  1.  Zoom lecture 09/02/2021: Video, Slides
  2. 09/06/2021 - no lecture, instead we'll have a lecture on 09/08/2021
  3. Zoom lecture 09/08/2021: Video, Slides
  4. Zoom lecture 09/09/2021: Video, Slides
  5. Zoom lecture 09/13/2021: Video, Slides
  6. Zoom lecture 09/16/2021: Video, Slides
  7. Zoom lecture 09/20/2021: Video, Slides
  8. Zoom lecture 09/23/2021: Video, Slides
  9. Zoom lecture 09/27/2021: Video, Slides
  10. Zoom lecture 09/30/2021: Video, Slides
  11. Zoom lecture 10/04/2021: Video, Slides
  12. Zoom lecture 10/07/2021: Video, Slides
  13. Zoom lecture 10/11/2021: Video, Slides
  14. Zoom lecture 10/14/2021: Video, Slides
  15. Zoom lecture 10/18/2021: Video, Slides
  16. Zoom lecture 10/21/2021: Video, Slides
  17. Zoom lecture 10/25/2021: Video, Slides
  18. Zoom lecture 10/28/2021: Video, Slides
  19. Zoom lecture 11/01/2021: Video, Slides
  20. Zoom lecture 11/04/2021: Video, Slides
  21. Zoom lecture 11/08/2021: Video, Slides
  22. Zoom lecture 11/11/2021: Video, Slides
  23. Zoom lecture 11/15/2021: Video, Slides
  24. Zoom lecture 11/18/2021: Video, Slides
  25. Zoom lecture 11/22/2021: Video, Slides
  26. 11/25/2021 - no lecture, Thanksgivings Recess
  27. 11/29/2021 - no lecture,  Wednesday classes
  28. Zoom lecture 12/02/2021: Video, Slides
  29. Zoom lecture 12/06/2021: Video, Slides
  30. Zoom lecture 12/09/2021: Video, Slides
  31. Zoom lecture 12/13/2021: Video, Slides

Main (required) text: Peskin & Schroeder, An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory, Westview Press; 1st edition (2015),  ISBN-10 : 0813350190
Exams & Grades: The grade will be primarily based on homework

Homework:  e-mail you homework to me a single pdf file by 11:59pm of the due day (to be announced).

Homework 1:  Peskin & Schroeder  2.1, 2.2, 2.3
Homework 2:  Peskin & Schroeder  3.2, 3.4, 3.7

Homework 3:
Peskin & Schroeder 

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