1. Our grader for the class is SHRADDHA DOGRA (shraddha.dogra AT rutgers.edu).

    Send your solution as a PDF to your grader with the subject HWxxxx. Make sure every page has your name and the file you atatched si named like this NAME_HWxxxx.pdf

  2. Perturbation methods I

    HW1 is due to WED. FEBRUARY 5th, 5 PM.
  3. HW1 Solutions

  4. Homework 2 - Time dependent perturbations. Due to Wed. Feb 26, 5 PM.

  5. Homework 2 - HINTS

  6. HW2 Solutions

  7. ATTENTION: The MID-TERM exam is take-home. It starts on March 23 and to be returned on MARCH 30 by 5pm strict via email to Shraddha Dogra with a pdf attched with all pages in a single file We cover all topica thus far inscuding scattering.

    Subject line: Mide-term P502. Filename: Mid_term_P502_FIRST_LAST.pdf

  8. Mid-term exam file.

    Extra computational mid-term problem.

    Solutions for mid-term.

    Solutions for mid-term extra computational problem.

    Homework 3 - Berry phase and Chern number - DUE APRIL 29, 5pm

    Homework 3 - Berry phase and Chern number - SOLUTION

    FINAL EXAM - Due May 13, 10 am. Read the instructions inside the file.