Astrophysics Seminar and Colloquium Calendar
Fall 2008

The astrophysics seminars are held at 3:00 PM on Fridays in room 385E with refreshements to follow in room 332W. Departmental colloquia are at 4:45 PM on Wednesdays in the Physics Lecture Hall preceeded by coffee and cookies at 4:30PM. Special dates and/or times are noted in bold in the table below.

Date/Time Location Speaker Title (Abstract)
Fri, Sep 12
3:00 PM
Serin 385E Sugata Kaviraj
Oxford University
The evolution of spheroidal galaxies over the last 8 billion years
Fri, Sep 19
3:00 PM
Serin 385E Michael Kuhlen
Institute for Advanced Study
Via Lactea II - A high-resolution view of galactic dark matter
Fri, Sep 26
3:00 PM
No seminar   Microsymposium in Princeton
Frontiers of Observational Cosmology
Fri, Oct 3
3:00 PM
Serin 385E Greg Dobler
Harvard CfA
The Physics of CMB Foregrounds:
From Spinning Dust to Annihilating Dark Matter
Fri, Oct 10
3:00 PM
Serin 385E Neal Weiner
New York University
Anomalies in Dark Matter Results
Fri, Oct 17
3:00 PM
Serin 385E Jacqueline van Gorkom
Columbia University
The Evolution of Galaxies in Different Environments
Fri, Oct 24
3:00 PM
Serin 385E    
Fri, Oct 31
3:00 PM
Serin 385E Susan Kassin
Oxford University
Spiral Galaxy Kinematics Over the Last 8 Gyr
Fri, Nov 7
3:00 PM
Serin 385E Andy Young
Bristol University
X-raying Low-Luminosity Accretion Flows
Wed, Nov 12
4:45 PM
Physics Lecture Hall Paul Falkowski
Rutgers University
Where did we come from and are we alone?
Fri, Nov 14
3:00 PM
Serin 385E Ted Williams and Jack Hughes
Rutgers University
Reports on the SALT Board and SWG meetings
Fri, Nov 21
3:00 PM
Serin 385E Stacy McGaugh
University of Maryland
Galaxies on the fringe: star formation and dynamics in gas rich dwarfs
Fri, Nov 28   Thanksgiving break  
Wed, Dec 3
4:45 PM
Physics Lecture Hall Zeljko Ivezic
University of Washington
Fri, Dec 12
3:00 PM
Serin 385E Michael Blanton
New York University
Should we take galaxy morphology seriously?


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