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Department of Physics and Astronomy

Astrophysics Seminar Schedule
Fall 2006

Seminars are generally held on Fridays at 3:00 PM in room 385E. Refreshments are served after the talks in room 332W.



Title and Abstract

Friday September 15

Ricardo P. Schiavon
(U Virginia)
Constraining the History of Star Formation of Early-Type Galaxies

Friday September 22

No seminar

Friday September 29

No seminar  

Friday October 6

Masami Ouchi
Subaru Surveys for Galaxies at z = 3-7

Friday October 13

Aristotle Socrates
Super-Eddington Luminosities from Super-Eddington Accretion:
Powering Ultra-Luminous X-ray Sources with Stellar Mass Black Holes

Friday October 20

Erin Sheldon
Cluster Mass Profiles and Mass-to-light Ratios from Weak Lensing in the SDSS

Friday October 27

Tomasz Plewa
(U Chicago)
Detonating Failed Deflagrations of Type Ia Supernovae

Friday November 3

David Hogg
The Growth of Galaxies by Merging

Friday November 10

David Schiminovich
From B&W to RGB to UV+IR:
Tuning Into the Physics of Galaxy Formation and Evolution

Friday November 17

No seminar  

Friday November 24

No seminar - Thanksgiving  

Wednesday November 29
(4:45pm, Physics Lecture Hall)

David Weinberg
(Ohio State)
What Can We Learn from Galaxy Clustering?

Friday December 1

Jeno Sokoloski
Observations of Stellar Explosions and Jets

Friday December 8

Jenny Greene
Growing Black Holes From Seeds

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