Rutgers University

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Astrophysics Seminar Schedule
Fall 2004

Seminars are held on Fridays at 3:00 PM in room 385E,
followed by tea and cookies in room 332W.



Title and Abstract

Sept 17

Gordon Richards (Princeton)

Quasar Physics from SDSS, Chandra, and Spitzer

Sept 20, 12:00 PM
(special date and time)

Andrew Cole (Groningen)

Chemical Evolution and Kinematics of the Large Magellanic Cloud Bar

Sept 24

Robin Ciardullo (Penn State)

The Planetary Nebula System of M33

Oct 1

Sergey Mashchenko (McMaster)

Formation and Early Evolution of Globular Clusters

Oct 8

Jack Hughes (Rutgers)

Searching for Galaxy Clusters in the Dark

Oct 15

Michael Blanton (NYU)

The Properties of Extremely Low Luminosity Galaxies

Oct 22

Swara Ravindranath (STScI)

Morphological Evolution of Galaxies from GOODS

Oct 29

(no seminar)


Nov 5

Phil Farese (Princeton)

First Results from the CAPMAP Experiment

Nov 12

Pieter van Dokkum (Yale)

A Substantial Population of Distant Red Galaxies

Nov 19

Josh Winn (CfA)

The Case of the Mysterious Winking Star

Nov 26

(no seminar)


Dec 3

Victor Debattista (Washington)

Peanut-shaped Bulges: Some Face-on and One Edge-on

Dec 10



Dec 17



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