Physics 227H: Honors Physics II
Fall 2018

Class News

Syllabus for 227H is now posted at the link above: NOTE IN PARTICULAR THE HOUR EXAM TIMES AND LOCATIONS:

SUNDAY Oct 7: FIRST HOUR EXAM 8:10-9:30 PM in SEC 111 (Ch. 21-25) -- no recitations the previous Friday and following Monday
SUNDAY Nov 18: SECOND HOUR EXAM 6:10-7:30 PM in SEC 111 (Ch. 26-30) -- no recitations the previous Friday and following Monday

Gradebook is now set up and the link is active (see the list above). The recitation instructors will be entering your quiz grades starting this week.


Recitations will begin Friday, September 7.  The two recitations on Fridays and the two on the following Mondays cover the same material. There will be no quiz in the first recitation (Friday 9/7 and Monday 9/10); if you cannot go to your scheduled recitation this week because of a schedule conflict with the hackathon or because of Rosh Hashanah, you should go to a different recitation if you can, or get notes from another student in the recitation if you cannot.

Prof. Rabe's office hours are on Sundays in ARC 110 from 6:00-7:30 PM. It's very informal: we will either work through  problems I select, or any questions/problems that students bring and want to discuss.

I am sorting out the IClicker system. If you own an IClicker, register it for the class (we are using iClicker Classic and we are not using an LMS). If you have an account for IClicker in your IOS or Android IClicker Reef app or on the web, please join the course (choose Rutgers University New Brunswick and type phy to find the course) on Thursday before class. If you don't already have a subscription, take advantage of the trial period (the subscription for app/web is $14.99 for six months, $23.99 for a year). Please bring your clicker/smartphone/laptop to class and have it out and ready to go at the beginning of the lecture.

our class key is
rutgers 5607 1563 (this is now the correct number)
The first homework assignment is now up. This first assignment will be due THURSDAY 13 September at 11:59 PM in light of the weekend hackathon and Rosh Hashanah.

The slides from the first two lectures are now available (see 2nd link at the top of the page).
The syllabus and exam dates are coming. Some of the information on this page needs to be checked and will be corrected as we go.

Course Information

The course meets Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:55-2:50 PM in the Physics Lecture Hall, with one recitation session per week.

The main goal of the course is to give students a solid grounding in electromagnetism at an elementary level, combining an understanding of the main principles and techniques, the ability to solve problems, and mastery of relevant mathematics appropriate to an honors level course. We will accomplish this through systematic study of the required textbookRecitations will review the material in the previous two lectures, focusing on problem solving. Before each recitation, you will have 2-3 warm-up problems to prepare. At the end of each recitation, there will be a ten-minute quiz on the material discussed.
Homeworks will be assigned weekly in WebAssign. There will be two hour exams and a closed-book final exam. Grades are computed using 20% for homework (lowest 2 dropped), 15% for recitation quizzes (lowest 2 dropped), 15% for the first hour exam, 20% for the second hour exam and 30% for the final exam. You will be able to access your grades for hw, quizzes and exams in the physics department gradebook (link coming).

Necessary materials for the course are the same as those for Honors Analytical Physics I:
1) an Iclicker (for class participation)
2) a copy of the book Halliday, Resnick, Walker: Fundamentals of Physics (earlier editions are fine)
3) a license for the online homework software WebAssign (otherwise you will not be able to do the homework! )
Webassign class key is

rutgers 5607 1563


Prof. Karin Rabe (lectures)
Serin 265
office hours:

Sundays 6PM-7:30 PM in ARC 110
recitation instructors:
Hardik Routray (H1 M 0320P-0440 BUS SEC-220, H2
M 0640P-0800 BUS SEC-220)
Mai Ye (H3 F 0140P-0300 BUS SEC-204, H4 F 0500P-0620 BUS SEC-204)

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