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Special Permission Number/Pre-requisite override

Please go to this site if you are applying for a special permission number for any undergraduate course EXCEPT honors courses, the online section of General Physics (750:204, section 90), Physics for the Sciences (750:194) unless you are currently enrolled in 750:193, or if you need a pre-requisite override:

SPN's will be accepted in three rounds. Round 1 will open November 20 at 12:01 am. It will be open only to students in the classes of 2019, 2020, and 2021 with more than 90 credits, and close on December 4 at 5 pm. All notifications will go out at that time.

Round 2 will open December 5 at 5 pm and close January 3 at 5 pm. It will be open to all classes for students with more than 30 credits. Notifications will go out after review.

Round 3 will open January 4 at 5 pm and close January 29 at 5 pm, and will be open to all students. Notifications will go out after review.

For SPN's for the on-line sections of General Physics, please request here:

For students who have not taken 750:193, Physics for the Sciences, and wish to take 750:194, submit your request in Round 3 only. Notifications will go out after January 14.

If you need an SPN for an honors course, or pre-requisite override, please email directly to Professor Ron Ransome at with the subject as "SPN-HONORS" or "PRE-REQ", exactly as that. In the body, please give your name, RUID (the 9 digit number), and details of your request, including the index numbers of your 3 preferred sections, if appropriate.

Contact Information

For questions about physics/astrophysics major programs, advice on course selections, and evaluations of courses taken at other universities, send email to the Undergraduate Program Director Prof. Ron Ransome.

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