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Special Permission Number/Pre-requisite override

For Summer SPNs

For SPN's for the SUMMER on-line sections of General Physics, please request here:

For all other Summer courses go to:

For Fall 2020

Please go to the following link if you are applying for a special permission number for any undergraduate course. System will be open to SPNs for juniors and seniors on May 15, and to sophomores on May 29:

For SPN's for the on-line sections of General Physics, please request here:

Classical Mechanics (750:381) and Electricity & Magnetism (750:385) are intended for students planning on following the professional or astrophysics majors, or other very well prepared students. Please write directly to Professor Cizewski for an SPN if you want to take either these courses.

If you need an SPN for an honors course, or pre-requisite override, please email directly to Professor Jolie Cizewski at with the subject as "SPN-HONORS" or "PRE-REQ", exactly as that. In the body, please give your name, RUID (the 9 digit number), and details of your request, including the index numbers of your 3 preferred sections, if appropriate.

Contact Information

For questions about physics/astrophysics major programs, advice on course selections, and evaluations of courses taken at other universities, send email to the Undergraduate Program Director Prof. Jolie Cizewski.

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