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Physics 504
Spring 2011
Lecture Notes


You will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print some of these files, the ones with .pdf extensions. If you don't have one, it is available for free:

There is an official errata page for Jackson.

Lecture Notes

Here are my notes for the lectures. Mostly I am following Jackson pretty closely, and will not always post slides or notes. When I have typed them out (which will mostly be when they differ sufficiently from Jackson) I will post them, possibly only after lecture.

Latexed Lectures are available in full format for easier on screen reading, shown by the icon . They are also given reduced to two pages/side for more efficient printing, linked with . Slide presentations (Power-Point like) are available for viewing with , or in six slides per page with

At present, everything below the green band is from last year. Because we need to cover the rest of chapter 6 and chapter 7 before we begin, everything listed below there will be delayed or deleted.

Item Date Topics Reference Pages
L1Jan. 20Introduction. Green functions, Maxwell in media Lecture 1 PP1-25
L2Jan. 24Energy, Stress, Harmonic Fields Lecture 2 B 1-17
L3Jan. 31Monopoles, Waves, interfaces Lecture 3 B 18-24, C 1-8
L4Feb. 3Reflection and Refraction. Dispersion Lecture 4 C 9-17, D 1-11
L5Feb. 7Group vel, Causality, KK relations, Interface Lecture 5 D 9-11, E 1-14
L6Feb. 10Wave Guides, Power Loss Lecture 6: F 1-15
L7Feb. 14Attenuation, Resonant Cavities Lecture 7: G 1-23
L8Feb. 17Generalized Coordinates Lecture 8: G:24-26
L9Feb. 21GC (cont.), Schumann Resonances Lecture 9: L4:7-10,H:11-24
L10Feb. 24Optical Fibers,
Sources in Wave Guides
Lecture 10: LJ:1-7
L11Feb. 28Open space radiation Lecture 11: LJ:7-10; J:17-28
LK:1-7; K:1-18
L12March 3Vector Multipoles, Scattering Lecture 12: LK:7-9; K:19-24
LL:1-5; L:1-12
L13March 7Collection of Scatterers Lecture 13: LM:1-7; M:1-17
ExamMarch 10Midterm Exam: Covers Chapters 6- Chapter 9
L14March 21Optical Theorem, Index of Refraction Lecture 14: LN:1-5
L15March 24Special Relativity Lecture 15: LN:1-9
L16March 28Lorentz Transf and E&M Lecture 16: LN:1-9
L17March 31Spin and Thomas Precession, g-2 Lecture 17: LN:1-6
L18April 4Charge in B field, Lagrangians Lecture 18: LN:1-7
L19April 7Adiabatic Invar, E&M action, Tμν Lecture 19: LN18:8-13, LN19:1-4?
L20April 11 Tμν with charge, Eq of Motion Aμ Lecture 19: LN19:4?-10
L21April 14Charged particle energy loss Lecture 21: LN21:1-6
L22April 18Cherenkov Radiation, angular dispersion. Lecture 22: LN21:6-9, LN22:1-5
L23April 21Energy Loss in Accelerators Lecture 23: LN22:5-10, LN23:1-7
L24April 25Frequency and Angular Distribution Lecture 24: LN24:1-6
L25April 28Bremsstrahlung Lecture 25: LN25:1-6
L26May 2Electromagnetic Interactions Lecture 26: LN26:1-6
Below here, from last year. Mostly reproduced above.
L11March 1Optical Theorem, Index of Refraction Lecture 11: L11:1-5
L12March 4Special Relativity Lecture 12: L12:1-9
L13March 8Lorentz Transformations and E&M Lecture 13: L13:1-7
L14March 22Spin and Thomas Precession Lecture 14: L14:1-5
L15March 25Motion in External Fields Lecture 15: L15:1-6
L16March 29Lagrangian Formulation Lecture 16: L15:1-9
L17April 1E&M Action, Θμν; Eq. for A, Green's functions Lecture 17: L15:1-10
L18April 5Darwin and Proca Lagrangians Lecture 18: L18:1-6
L19April 8Charged Particle Energy Loss Lecture 19: L19:1-8
L20April 12Cherenkov and Moving Charge Radiation Lecture 20: L20:1-10
L21April 15Radiated Power from Accelerated Charge Lecture 21: L21:1-6
L22April 19Frequency Distribution, Wigglers, Thomson Lecture 22: L22:1-6, PP:1-14
L23April 22Bremsstrahlung Lecture 23: L23:1-6, PP:1-14
L24April 26Radiation Reaction Lecture 24: L23:1-6, PP:1-12
L25April 29Gauge Theories Lecture 25: L25:1-9, PP:1-16
L26May 4Non-Abelian Gauge Theories Lecture 26:
(see Lect 25)
L25:9-17, PP17-32

I expect to cover most of chapters 8-16 of Jackson. Time will tell.
Sections skipped: 8.6; pp. 373-4; 8.11, 415-424, 432-449, 458-460, 470-499, 11.2, 12.6, 12.8, 12.9, 627-630, 13.5-7. 676-683, 686-693, 711-730. 16.3-16.6.

Supplementary Notes

Here are some supplementary notes which may or may not be relevant --- I have placed them here brought from other courses. Some of these may be relevant, but most probably not.
  • Vector Identities from cover of Jackson, or all on one sheet version.
  • Notes on using indices correctly. view, print, This seems trivial, but I have seen many students have difficulties.
  • Notes on totally antisymmetric tensors, or Levi-Civita symbols, εμνρ..., in 3-D Euclidean space: (view), (print), and in higher dimensional Euclidean or Minkowski space: (view), (print), including their use with matrices and determinants. The Levi-Civita symbol is also essential in curved spaces, but that is for another course.
  • Notes on Bessel functions (view), (print), giving in particular the orthonormality properties.
  • On differential forms. If you have not seen differential forms before, you might want to look at my notes from 507, pages 153-4 on 1-forms and pp 167-175 on higher k-forms, or Zapolsky's notes. They are discussed in advanced calculus texts, e.g. Buck, "Advanced Calculus".

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