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Physics 504
Spring 2011


We may have some ordinary homeworks and some projects. The procedures are somewhat different:

Homework Policy:
It is required that the homework submitted by each student be his/her own thoughts. Discussion with others about how to do the assignment is acceptable, indeed encouraged. However, the final writing up of the assignment should represent each student's understanding of the problem and should not be copied from another student.

You are strongly encouraged not to rely on solutions that can be found on the web, at least until you have thoroughly exhausted your own efforts, and those of your colleagues. And then you must reformulate the solution in your own words and ideas.

Project Policy:
Unlike ordinary homework, where though communication is encouraged, each individual is expected to work through all parts him/her-self, in a project it is acceptible for each member to have only read through and understood each part, without actually having worked through each part individually.

The project is to be written up consistently, coherently, and neatly, on a computer, preferably in TeX or LaTeX. Each member is responsible for proofreading before submission.

#Due dateAssignment Solutions
1Jan.~27/Feb 3 Deriving Ampere's Law view--- print
2Feb 24 Using Curvilinear Coordinates view--- print

Note: I don't want my solutions to Jackson to be completely public, as that is unfair to Jackson. So you will need to "log on" with username physics504 and a password I will email to you, to see solutions to Jackson problems. Please do not make them openly available.

#Due dateAssignment Solution
12/10Jackson problems 6.1,6.4,6.5
See Homework 1
view - - -print
22/10Jackson problems 7.3, 7.16, 8.5
see Homework 2
view - - -print
33/4Jackson problems 8.9, 8.14
see Homework 3
view - - -print
 not Jackson problems 9.1 (elaborated), 9.7 view - - -print
53/24Redo Exam #1, #2
see View 5, Print 5
view - - -print
63/31 Homework 6 view - - -print
74/7 Homework 7 view - - -print
84/14 Homework 8 view - - -print
94/28 Homework 9 view - - -print


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