Physics 677: Advanced Topics in Statistical and Biological Physics, Fall 2016




Prof. Alexandre V. Morozov
Office: Hill 279
E-mail: morozov AT
Phone:  (848) 445-1387

Office hour:  by request   

Tuesday and Friday, 10.20 - 11.40 am, ARC-205

Textbooks:  Stochastic Methods: A Handbook for the Natural and Social Sciences by C. Gardiner, Springer; Statistical Mechanics of Phase Transitions by J. M. Yeomans, Oxford Science Publications; A Guide to First-Passage Processes by S. Redner, Cambridge University Press; A Kinetic View of Statistical Physics by P. L. Krapivsky and S. Redner, Cambridge University Press  

Prerequisites:  Some knowledge of equilibrium statistical physics

Homework and Exam: About one homework per 2 weeks. One of the homeworks will be written and solved separately by each student. There will be a final take-home exam (48 hours, open book, open notes).

Student Presentations: 15 min presentations on a topic of interest to the class, including derivations, simulations, results from recent papers, etc.

The grade is determined according to the following formula: total score = 1/4(final) + 1/2(homework) + 1/4(presentation)

Useful References:

1. Tutorial on Markov processes (including QM notation): pdf

2. Review on first-passage processes in chemical physics: pdf

3. Classic paper by Berg and Purcell on ligand diffusion and receptor-ligand binding: pdf

4. Review of first-passage processes in networks: pdf

5. Review of maximum entropy methods in statistical physics: pdf

6. Applications of maximum entropy methods in biophysics: pdf

7. Maximum entropy methods and path ensembles (Filyukov & Karpov): pdf

Homework 1 (due 09/27): Problems

Homework 2 (due 10/17): Problems

Homework 3 (due 11/08): Problems

Homework 4 (due 11/29): Problems

Note: NO lecture on Friday, Sep. 23

Note: NO lecture on Tuesday, Nov. 22 (RU on Thursday schedule)

Note: LECTURE on Wednesday, Nov. 23 (RU on Friday schedule)

Note: DEADLINE for submitting talk titles: Wednesday, Nov. 23; 20 minute talks scheduled for December 6,9,13

Day 1 (Dec. 6):

1. Willow Kion-Crosby (pdf); 2. Aditya Ballal (pdf); 3. Vaibhav Dwivedi (pdf)

Day 2 (Dec. 9):

1. Unab Javed (pdf); 2. Pavel Khromov (pdf); 3. Vedant Sachdeva (pdf)

Day 3 (Dec. 13):

1. Wen Sen Lu (pdf); 2. Mai Ye (pdf); 3. Khanal Ghanashyam (pdf)

FINAL EXAM: Dec. 14-16 (Problems Solutions)

[Due: Fri., Dec. 16 at 5 pm. Please leave your exam in my Physics mailbox or email/bring it to me. Graded exam pick-up: in a box outside my office [Hill 279] starting Mon., Dec. 19]

Students with Disabilities

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