Physics of Sound 301
Spring 2005


(Click on experiment name for lab write-up and report form - PDF format)

All labs take place in Serin 232

Date Experiment
Jan 21 NO LAB
Jan 28 Introduction to Sound
Feb 4   Speed of Sound
Feb 11 Mechanical Resonance
Feb 18 Intensity of Sound
Feb 25 Interference of Sound Waves
Mar 4   Harmonics
Mar 11 H/W & Midterm Review
Mar 18 NO LAB (Spring Break)
Mar 25 Standing Waves in an Air Column
Apr 1   Standing Waves on a String
Apr 8   Auditory Illusions
Apr 15 Frequency Response of an Audio Amplifier
Apr 22 Vibration of Plates & Bars
Apr 29 NO LAB

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