Physics on meso and nano scales

  1. Introduction, experimental systems and fabrication methods, scales and phenomena

  2. Quantum transport, Anderson localization, quantum interference effects
    1. Aharonov-Bohm oscillations
    2. Scaling theory of localization
    3. Weak localization
    4. Mesoscopic fluctuations
    5. Conductance quantization, quantum point contacts, Landauer formulation
    6. Coulomb blockade

  3. Quantum chaotic and integrable systems
    1. Random matrix theory and its applications, quantum dots
    2. Quantum integrability, energy level statistics in integrable systems
    3. Chaotic and integrable billiards
    4. Semi-classical analysis and trace formula

  4. Mesoscopic superconductivity and other interaction effects
    1. Josephson junction, hybrid structures
    2. “Universal” Hamiltonian, Stoner instability
    3. Even-odd effects, finite-size corrections to bulk superconducting properties

  5. Solid state quantum computing
    1. Single-electron devices, spin qubits, spin blockade, other type of qubits
    2. Dephasing and decoherence due to coupling to environment, different types of environments
    3. Superconducting qubits, Cooper pair boxes, flux and charge qubits

  1. Some books:

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  2. See also literature used in each lecture

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