Physics 682B: Advanced topics in CM physics: Mesoscopics, Spring 2015





Prof. Emil Yuzbashyan
Office: Serin E 270
E-mail: eyuzbash at
Phone:  848-445-9035

Office hour:  Friday, 3 - 4 pm

Lectures: Thursday and Friday, 5:00 - 6:20 pm, Serin 385E  

Course content: Mesoscopic Physics and related topics, please see a tentative outline. I will be posting various useful references as we go along. If you are interested in any specific topic that is not covered, but is within the general scope of the course, please let me know. 


Prerequisites:  Graduate Quantum Mechanics, second quantization.


Homework and Exam: 4-5 problem sets (distributed via e-mail) plus final project with a presentation (30 min + 10 min for questions) on a topic we select together.

Students with Disabilities

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