Emil Yuzbashyan

Associate Professor, Condensed matter theory group, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Rutgers University

Research interests: My research focuses on the theory of strongly interacting and/or disordered systems. I am interested in new types of correlated states that arise in e.g. ultra-cold atomic gases, disordered superconductors, nanometer scale superconductors, semiconductor quantum dots, quantum wires etc. Interplay between interactions, disorder, and small size in these systems presents a significant challenge and often renders conventional approaches inadequate. I am also interested in the theory of superfluidity and superconductivity in new regimes, unconventional superconductivity, far from equilibrium many-body systems, interacting spin systems, physical properties of integrable or nearly integrable systems, and dephasing and decoherence in quantum devices due to their coupling to the environment.

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eyuzbash at physics.rutgers.edu


(732) 445-5500 x2688


(732) 445-4343


Serin E270


Department of Physics & Astronomy
Rutgers University
136 Frelinghuysen Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854-8019 USA


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