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Developing Educational Leaders among TAs in Physics (DELTA-P)
Seminar Calendar
Fall 2018

DELTA-P seminars are held from 5:00-6:00 PM on Thursdays in room 385E. Those who attend 8 out of 10 seminars will receive a Certificate of Training in Physics Education. The seminar series is organized by Andrew Baker and Jesse Rivera.

Sep 6 no seminar
Sep 13
Andrew Baker & Jesse Rivera
Sep 20
TA panel
Maya Amouzegar, Caitlin Carpenter, Willow Kion-Crosby, Savvas Kyriacou, & Catie Raney
Sep 27
Effective questioning in your instruction role
Chaz Ruggieri
Oct 4
What you should remember about learning and teaching when you forget everything
Eugenia Etkina
Oct 11
Making it real for the students
Premi Chandra & Chuck Keeton
Oct 18
Answering student questions
Saurabh Jha
Oct 25 no seminar
Nov 1
How to encourage sense-making in the classroom
A.J. Richards
Nov 8
Take the right course: Some common-sense thoughts about teaching and student engagement
Bob Bartynski
Nov 15 no seminar
Nov 22 Thanksgiving
Nov 29
Teaching diverse student populations
Andrew Baker
Dec 6
Lessons from teaching a massive open online course (MOOC)
Terry Matilsky

Previous DELTA-P seminar series: Information for students with disabilities is here. (Please contact the organizers if there are any ways we can make it easier for you to participate.)
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