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Developing Educational Leaders among TAs in Physics (DELTA-P)
Seminar Calendar
Fall 2016

DELTA-P seminars are held from 5:00-6:00 PM on Thursdays in room 385E. Those who attend the New TA Orientation and 7 out of 10 subsequent seminars will receive a Certificate of Training in Physics Education. The seminar series is organized by Pavel Khromov, with Sang-Hyuk Lee serving as faculty advisor.

September 15
New TA Orientation
Pavel Khromov
September 22
TAs Answer Your Questions
Outstanding TAs: Colin Rylands, Willow Kion-Crosby, Christina Gay, Jasen Scaramazza, Carl Mitchell, Jonathan Sloane, Sebastian Macaluso, Bismayan Chakrabarti, Sheehan Ahmed
September 29
Answering Student Questions
Saurabh Jha
October 6
Day off!
October 13
Take The Right Course: Some Common Sense Thoughts about Teaching and Student Engagement
Robert Bartynski
October 20
What you should remember about learning and teaching when you forget everything
Eugenia Etkina
October 27
Making it Real for the Students
Premi Chandra and Chuck Keeton
November 3
Instructional Awareness of Graduate Teaching Assistants: Expectations, Practices, and Buy-In for Reformed Courses
Chaz Ruggieri
Additional materials: Index of Learning Styles, Understanding Student Differences, Quicker method for assessing influences on teaching assistant buy-in and practices in reformed courses
November 10
What is physics education like? Can we do better?
Peter Lindenfeld
November 17
Developing Mathematical Creativity in Introductory Physics
Suzanne Brahmia
November 24
Thanksgiving Recess
December 1
Encouraging Sense-making Through Questioning
AJ Richards

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