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Developing Educational Leaders among TAs in Physics (DELTA-P)
Seminar Calendar
Fall 2012

DELTA-P seminars are held at 5:00 PM on Thursdays in room 385E. Those who attend the TA Orientation and 7 out of 10 subsequent seminars will receive a Certificate of Training in Physics Teaching. The seminar series is organized by AJ Richards, with Eric Gawiser serving as faculty advisor.

September 3
New TA Orientation, 1:30-3PM, Serin 385E
AJ Richards (including slides from Viviana Acquaviva)
September 13
Suzanne Brahmia
"Answermaking and sensemaking in introductory physics"
September 20
Gabe Alba
"Selected Topics In Teaching Introductory Labs"
September 27
AJ Richards
"Using What Our Students Give Us"
October 4
Eugenia Etkina
"Brain Research and Cognitive Science in Your Classroom"
October 11
Rob Zisk
"Using Measurable Evidence to Determine if Goals are Met"
October 18
Saurabh Jha
"Teaching to the Test"
October 25
Mohan Kalelkar
"How Teaching Assignments are Made"
November 1
cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy
November 8
Eric Gawiser
Clickers! Using Technology to Enhance Education
November 15
Premi Chandra & Chuck Keeton
Making It Real for the Students

Additional Resources:

  • DELTA-P Seminar Series from Fall 2011
  • Gawiser's mid-course evaluation form in Word or PDF format. Feel free to modify this as you wish and use it in your own classes - it's very useful to get feedback during the semester so that you can improve things, and students appreciate being asked for their opinions when it still matters.
  • Physics Teaching Technology Resource: videos from Rutgers' Physics and Astronomy Education Research (PAER) group.
  • CU-Boulder PhETs (Physics Education Tools). These are Java applets that simulate various scientific phenomena, mostly in physics, that have been used in Suzanne Brahmia's Extended Analytical Physics class. Their classroom effectiveness is supported by educational research (see here for details.)
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