Classical Monte Carlo


Introductory lecture material


Basic numerical methods

Methods and Algorithms
Monte Carlo methods
Molecular Dynamics
Hartree-Fock method
Density functional theory Quantum Monte Carlo methods
Lanczos method
Perturbation theory

  • Lecture notes on random numbers and multidimensional Vegas integration (source code in html)
  • Lecture notes on Classical MC (source code for Ising model, Wang Lanbdau, Traveling Salesman)
  • Lecture notes on high-D integration by Metropolis

  • online Ising model simulation

    QMC Codes

  • jupyter nb for Vegas algorithm
  • jupyter nb for Ising model
  • jupyter nb for Wang Landau
  • jupyter nb for The Traveling Salesman problem
  • jupyter nb for High-D integration by Metropolis, C version of High-D integration
  • Diffusion limited aggregation
  • Other MC codes