Computational Physics: Survey of hardware and software of a computer


Introductory lecture material


Basic numerical methods

Methods and Algorithms
Molecular Dynamics
Hartree-Fock method
Density functional theory
Monte Carlo methods
Quantum Monte Carlo methods
Lanczos method
Perturbation theory

Lecture notes in pdf format:

  • Part1
  • Part2
  • Source code:

    The new place for these codes is not on github:

    local copy of the code:

  • Plots of Mandelbrot set using fortran, C++, Perl and Python
  • Glues fortran and C++ to Python using f2py and pybind11
  • Computes Bessel functions with upward and downward recursion, shows the error.

  • Prints some numeric limits
  • Calling a Fortran routine in C++. Simple example to compute modified erfc function
  • Calling a minimization Fortran routine in C++. Using static class function to avoid use of global variables.
  • .emacs
  • small plot script