Refereed Publications

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(93) The JWST Resolved Stellar Populations Early Release Science Program. V. DOLPHOT Stellar Photometry for NIRCam and NIRISS
Weisz, D.R., Dolphin, A., Savino, A., McQuinn, K.B.W., Newman, M., [15 authors], Brooks, A.M., [20 authors], 2024, ApJS, 271, 47, arXiv:2402.03504

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(91) Environment Matters: Predicted Differences in the Stellar Mass\-Halo Mass Relation and History of Star Formation for Dwarf Galaxies
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(90) Closing the Gap between Observed Low-Mass Galaxy HI Kinematics and CDM Predictions
Sardone, A., Peter, A.H.G, Brooks, A.M., Kaczmarek, J., 2023, ApJ, 964, 135, arXiv:2306.07417

(89) The Merian Survey: Design, Construction, and Characterization of a Filter Set Optimized to Find Dwarf Galaxies and Measure their Dark Matter Halo Properties with Weak Lensing
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(88) The Scatter Matters: Circumgalactic Metal Content in the Context of the M-sigma Relation
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(85) AGN quenching in simulated dwarf galaxies
Sharma, R., Brooks, A.M., Tremmel, M., Bellovary, J., Quinn, T.R., 2023, ApJ, 957, 16, arXiv:2211.05275

(84) The Turn-Down of the Baryonic Tully-Fisher Relation at Low Galaxy Masses
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(81) What's in a name? Quantifying the interplay between definition, orientation and shape of UDGs using the ROMULUS Simulations
Van Nest, J.D., Munshi, F., Wright, A.C., Tremmel, M., Brooks, A.M., Nagai, D., Quinn, T.R., 2021, ApJ, 926, 92, arXiv:2108.12985

(80) Joint Gas and Stellar Dynamical Models of WLM: An isolated dwarf galaxy within a cored, prolate DM halo
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(79) Stellar Migration and Chemical Enrichment in the Milky Way Disc: A Hybrid Model
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(76) Ultra-faint dwarfs in a Milky Way context: Introducing the Mint Condition DC Justice League Simulations
Applebaum, E., Brooks, A.M., Christensen, C.R., Munshi, F., Quinn, T.R., Shen, S., Temmel, M., 2021, ApJ, 906, 2, arXiv:2008.11207

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(74) Inside Out and Upside-Down:The Roles of Gas Cooling and Dynamical Heating in Shaping theStellar Age-Velocity Relation
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(71) Self-Interacting Dark Matter and the Delay of Super-Massive Black Hole Growth
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(68) Implementing Dust Shielding as a Criteria for Star Formation
Byrne, L., Christensen, C.R., Tsekitsidis, M., Brooks, A.M., Quinn, T.R., 2019, ApJ, 871, 213, arXiv:1901.00864

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Applebaum, E., Brooks, A.M., Quinn, T.R., Christensen, C.R., 2020, MNRAS, 492, 8, arXiv:1811.00022

(65) Dancing in the Dark: Uncertainty in ultra-faint dwarf galaxy predictions from cosmological simulations
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Christensen, C.R., Dave, R., Brooks, A.M., Quinn, T.R., Shen, S., 2018, ApJ, 867, 142, arXiv:1808.07872

(62) Reignition of Star Formation in Dwarf Galaxies
Wright, A.C., Brooks, A.M., Weisz, D.R., Christensen, C.R., 2019, MNRAS, 482, 1176, arXiv:1802.03019

(61) The Contribution of Outer HI Disks to LIGO's Observable Population of Binary Black Holes
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(60) Going, going, gone dark: Quantifying the scatter in the faintest dwarf galaxies
Munshi, F., Brooks, A.M., Applebaum, E., Weisz, D.R., Governato, F., Quinn, T.R., arXiv:1705.06286

(59) Beta Dips in the GAIA era: Simulation Predictions of the Galactic Velocity Anisotropy Parameter (Beta) for Stellar Halos
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(58) How to Reconcile the Observed Velocity Function of Galaxies with Theory
Highlighted by AAS NOVA!
Brooks, A.M. Papastergis, E., Christensen, C.R., Governato, F., Stilp, A., Quinn, T.R., Wadsley, J., 2017, ApJ, 850, 97, arXiv:1701.07835

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(54) Preferential Accretion in the Supermassive Black Holes of Milky Way-size Galaxies Due to Direct Feeding by Satellites
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(51) Search for Gamma-ray Emission from Dark Matter Annihilation in the Small Magellanic Cloud with the Fermi Large Area Telescope
Selected as a PRD Editors' Selection! (judged to be particularly important, interesting, and well written by the PRD editors)
Caputo, R., Buckley, M.R., Martin, P., Charles, E., Brooks, A.M., Drlica-Wagner, A., Gaskins, J., Wood, M., 2016, PRD, Vol 93, Issue 6, id.062004, arXiv:1603.00965

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Christensen, C.R., Davé, R., Governato, F., Pontzen, A., Brooks, A.M., Munshi, F., Quinn, T.R., Wadsley, J., 2016, ApJ, 824, 57, arXiv:1508.00007

(48) Search for Gamma-ray Emission from Dark Matter Annihilation in the Large Magellanic Cloud with the Fermi Large Area Telescope
Selected as a PRD Editors' Selection! (judged to be particularly important, interesting, and well written by the PRD editors)
Buckley, M.R., Charles, E., Gaskins, J.M., Brooks, A.M., Drlica-Wagner, A., Martin, P., Zhao, G., 2015, PRD, Vol 91, Issue 10, id.102001, arXiv:1502.01020

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Non-Refereed Publications

Statistical challenges in the search for dark matter
Proceedings of the DMStat workshop, Banff International Research Station, Alberta, Canada, February 2018

Review: Toward the Formation of Realistic Disk Galaxies
Frank N. Bash Symposium, Austin, TX, October 2009

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