Equity and Inclusion Journal Club (EIJC)

The Equity and Inclusion Journal Club (EIJC) is hosted by MiPA, but open to everyone. EIJC attendees agree to abide by the MiPA Code of Conduct.

EIJC takes place about once a month, typically on Wednesdays at 11:00am Eastern time. Feel free to join us either in person or on zoom.

For additional information regarding EIJC events or suggestions for future topics to cover, please email rumipa.docs@gmail.com.

Date/Time Location Speaker Title
Current Schedule - Spring 2024
Wed, Feb 21, 12:00pm Meet in Rm 330 then discuss over lunch. Liam McDermott (Rutgers) Gender Equity in Physics Labs [ref]

Past Schedule - Fall 2023
Wed, Oct 4, 11:00am Rm 330 or Zoom Liam McDermott (Rutgers) Performing Physics, Performing Identity, and Performing Research in a Neurodivergent Way

Past Schedule - Spring 2023
Mon, Jan 30, 2:00pm Rm 330 or Zoom Conor Larison (Rutgers) How well-intentioned white male physicists maintain ignorance of inequity and justify inaction. [ref] [Slides]
Mon, Feb 13, 2:00pm Rm 330 or Zoom Department Union Reps How unions protect you and your colleagues - how your actions can promote positive change.
Mon, Mar 20, 2:00pm Rm 330 or Zoom Maxwell Franklin (Drexel University) Studying Persistence in Undergraduate Women
Mon, May 1, 2:00pm Rm 330 or Zoom Munira Hoosain (University of Cape Town, South African Astronomical Observatory) Astronomy for Socio-Economic Development in South Africa

Past Schedule - Fall 2022
Mon, Sep 12, 3:30pm Rm 330 or Zoom Megan Tillman (Rutgers) Roe v. Wade and the implications [ref] [Slides]
Mon, Oct 3, 4:00pm Rm 385 or Zoom Claire Riggs (Rutgers) Institutional Biases in Higher Education
Mon, Nov 7, 4:00pm Rm 385 or Zoom Liam McDermott (Rutgers) Neurodiversity in Research and the Classroom
Mon, Dec 5, 4:00pm Rm 385 or Zoom Dan Oleynik (University of Central Florida) TBA

Past Schedule - Spring 2022
Mon, Feb 21, 3:30pm Zoom Conor Larison (Rutgers) Disability in Physics and Astronomy [Slides]
Mon, Mar 28, 3:30pm Zoom Liam McDermott (Rutgers) The Privilege Degrees of Separation Gives Us: 'The Priesthood', The 'Black Tax', and Formulating Fixes for Fixed Physics Friction [ref] [slides] [additional resources: 1, 2, 3]
Mon, April 25, 3:30pm Zoom Charlotte Olsen (Rutgers) Burnout or Breakthrough? Exploring the Psychological Cost of Academia on Grad Students [refs: 1, 2, 3]
Mon, May 23, 3:30pm Zoom Kaitlin Rasmussen (University of Washington) Handling Imposter Syndrome as a Marginalized Researcher
Mon, June 27, 3:30pm Zoom Avery Kiihne (Rutgers) The State of LGBTQ Physicists and the James Webb Space Telescope [Slides]
Mon, July 18, 3:30pm Zoom Dilys Ruan (Rutgers) Fisher v. UT and Racial Equality in Physics [slides] [refs: 1, 2, 3, 4]

Past Schedule - Fall 2021
Thu, Sep 9, 1:30pm Zoom Avery Kiihne (Rutgers) Gatekeeping in STEM and Academia [refs: 1, 2, 3, 4]
Thu, Oct 14, 1:30pm Zoom Alyson Brooks (Rutgers) Inclusive Name Change Policies for Research Journals [ref]
Thu, Nov 11, 1:30pm Zoom Sabrina Appel (Rutgers) Assessing the Impact of the GRE [ref]
Thu, Dec 9, 1:30pm Zoom Yao-Yuan Mao (Rutgers) Why Freedom of Speech is Not an Excuse for a Hostile Environment [ref]

Past Schedule - Spring 2021
Thu, Feb 4, 1:30pm Zoom Grace Telford (Rutgers) "Tools for Change: Boosting the Retention of Women in the STEM Pipeline" [ref]
Thu, Mar 4, 1:30pm Zoom Andrew Baker (Rutgers) "The Mentor's Dilemma: Providing Critical Feedback Across the Racial Divide" [ref]
Thu, May 6, 1:30pm Zoom Premi Chandra (Rutgers) Allyship [ref]
Thu, June 3, 1:30pm Zoom Wayne Brown (Rutgers) "Where do we go from here" [ref]

Past Schedule - Fall 2020
Thu, Sep 10, 1:30pm Zoom Sabrina Appel (Rutgers) First meeting: Code of Conduct, Purpose of EIJC [ref]
Thu, Oct 1, 1:30pm Zoom Charlotte Olsen (Rutgers) Nonbinary Fraction and Nonbinary Systems: Whitepapers on the Future of Gender Equity in Space Sciences [ref]
Thu, Oct 30, 1:30pm Zoom Yssa Camacho-Neves (Rutgers) Underrepresentation in STEM (Emphasis on Hispanics)