Geometric Models for Critical Systems in 2+epsilon Dimensions

D. Friedan

The following are scanned page images of a manuscript written in August 1979 at the Nuffield Workshop on Quantum Gravity at DAMTP, Cambridge University, Cambridge, England. The manuscript was typed by the DAMTP secretariat at the end of the workshop and was distributed privately to the organizers of the workshop.

The manuscript expanded on a talk given on August 13, 1979 at the Nuffield Workshop on Quantum Gravity. The same talk was given earlier at the Mathematics and Physics Conference at the University of Durham, Durham, England in July 1979 and later at the Nato Advanced Study Institute on Recent Developments in Gauge Theories at Cargese, France in August, 1979.

The work that was described in the talks and in the manuscript was later published as

Scanned page images of the manuscript