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Transportation Information

New Brunswick, New Jersey is located about 35 miles southwest of New York City.

The nearest major airport is Newark, New Jersey. It is significantly less convenient to fly to LaGuardia, Kennedy, or Philadelphia Airports. To go to New Brunswick from Newark Airport, you can (in order of increasing cost) take the airport monorail to the New Jersey Transit train to New Brunswick, take a shuttle, take a taxi, or rent a car.

People within a few hours driving time are likely best off driving; the meeting and hotel are only a few miles from New Jersey Turnpike exits 9 or 10. People close to Northeast Corridor AMTRAK trains or Long Island Railroad Trains might consider taking trains to New Brunswick. You wlll likely need to change to NJ Transit trains, which typically run about every 30 minutes during weekdays, in New York, Trenton, or another major NJ station.

From Newark Airport to Doubletree Hotel by train

At Newark Airport follow signs to the AirTrain monorail. Take the monorail to the New Jersey transit station (a 5-10 minute ride). Buy tickets before boarding the train at vending machines near the tracks, including at the airport. Tickets are $12.  Take the New Jersey Transit train direction TRENTON -- do NOT get on an Amtrak train, as NJ Transit tickets are not valid, and most AMTRAK trains do not stop in New Brunswick.  Most NJ transit trains stop in New Brunswick, but check the posted schedules. The trip takes about 30 minutes.

Get off at the New Brunswick station. Exit at the south (front of train, if you came from Newark) end of the platform, going down the steps to Easton Ave. There are usually several cabs near the train station, either to the left, in front of the station, along Albany St., or to the right, along Wall Street, parallel to the tracks. Going to the Doubletree Hotel basically involves going west about 5 miles along Easton Ave, although the cabs might instead take River Rd on the other side of the Raritan River. Cab fare will be about $12.

From Newark Airport to Doubletree Hotel by shuttle

Rutgers University has special rates with several shuttle services, see the Rutgers ground transportation page -- do not be fooled by the 2004 date, the page is current as of mid 2006. The least expensive shuttle service is State Shuttle, the last on the list (listed rate: $44.75 to the Doubletree Hotel). Phone them up and make a reservation, asking for the Rutgers rate. Also ask for directions for meeting them at Newark Airport.


From Newark Airport, take New Jersey Turnpike SOUTH to exit 10, about 20 miles. The NJ Turnpike toll is around $2. After the tolls stay to the left and follow the signs to 287 North. After several miles, which includes passing several signs to Rutgers Busch Campus, there are two exits very close to each other on opposite sides of the Raritan River: River Rd on the Piscataway side and immediately following this Easton Ave on the Somerset side. Take the Easton Ave exit. Go straight down the ramp -- either left takes you back to New Brunswick -- and then turn left onto Davidson at the light. Turn left onto Atrium Drive and go to the Doubletree Hotel.


More travel information can be found from the Rutgers University Department of Physics and Astronomy website, by contacting your favorite airline or travel agent, or by going to your favorite map / direction website and putting in the Department address (136 Frelinghuysen Rd, Piscataway, NJ 08854-8019) or the meeting hotel address (Doubletree Hotel, 200 Atrium Drive, Somerset, NJ  08873).

Please note that due to ongoing construction of Route 18 near campus, maps that are a few years old are out of date. For example, at, the map itself is correct for Rutgers Busch Campus, but the satellite image is out of date.

Transportation will be provided between the Doubletree Hotel and the meeting venue. Anyone who will park on Rutgers University Busch Campus for the meeting needs a parking permit for their car. Local driving directions to campus and parking permits can be found here.


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