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APS Division of Nuclear Physics: 2007 Long Range Plan

Joint Town Meetings on Quantum Chromodynamics

Information for Speakers

  • We expect most speakers will want to display either powerpoint or pdf. We will have a Windows Laptop available with Powerpoint and acroread, connected to a projector, in each meeting room.
  • To efficiently use time at the conference, it is important to be able to switch between talks quickly. This is best done if everything pre-loads their talks on the conference laptops before the meeting begins.
  • The most convenient way for your talk to get loaded onto the laptop is for you to post it to the web and email us the location at least the day before you talk; you can email us the talk directly, but occasionally there are problems with emailing large files.
  • If this is not possible, please bring your talk on a memory stick; it is best to transfer it to the display laptop before your session starts. We will have the rooms set up at least 30 minutes before the morning session starts, so that you can load and quickly look at your talks.
  • Some speakers might prefer to use MacIntoshes or Linux boxes for display. We discourage this, as it generally takes longer to switch between talks. If you must do this, please test drive your computer in advance, and have it up and ready to go, just by switching the projector cable, by the start of your session.
  • Some speakers might prefer transparencies. Please contact us in this case, so that we can have a transparency projector is available. Please consider scanning in the transparencies, so we can simply give you a pdf file to project.
  • We expect to have water, laser pointers, and remotes available.
  • All available talks will be posted to the web site, linked from the agenda pages. You should make your talks available, since they might be a basis for the white papers and the Long Range Plan. As long as you email us your talks, or put your talks on the display computers, we can post them. The sooner we get them, the sooner they get posted. If you have transparencies, we would prefer that you scan them in and email us the electronic version; we can do it if needed, but this will take time.


Hosted by the Rutgers University Department of Physics and Astronomy in Piscataway, New Jersey

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