Work done with H. Szeto, L. Cohen-Gould et al, Weill-Cornell Medical Center, NYC

    Glomeruli located in kidneys are responsible for the first stage of blood filtration. We study age and disease related damage of podocytes (feet like structures)


    Treatment with SS-20 restored podocyte health – normal cytoplasmic density and mitochondria. Foot processes are long and narrow over capillary.

HIM shows podocytes are not swollen and good interdigitation.


Imaging of rat kidney samples provided a very clear evidence of podocyte deterioration due to disease and reconstruction after the treatment.


Work done with S. V. Euw, P. G. Falkowski et al, Rutgers

    Today our understanding of the calcification process in the coral is very limited. A quarter of the world's coral species may go extinct by 2050 due to  climate change and rapid rise in ocean acidity.


    HIM images of corals revealed amorphous nanoparticles of calcium carbonate with unprecedented detail, suggesting a possible mechanism for calcification and crystallization

Work done with Albert Shultz and Damon Barbachi - Ionwerks Inc.

New elemental detection system fro Helium Ion Microscope based on the Time-of-Flight principal


    Time-of-Flight detector demonstrates ability of elemental specificity in HIM with 2ns resolution. Further work is continuing to achieve an order of magnitude improvement in energy resolution