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Catalog descriptions of the undergraduate courses
Catalog descriptions of the graduate courses
Guide to the undergraduate program
Handbook for physics graduate students ("Redbook")

Home pages of the graduate courses

109  Astronomy and Cosmology
110  Astronomy and Cosmology
115  Extended Analytical Physics I
116  Extended Analytical Physics I
123  Analytical Physics I-A
123 (Summer)  Analytical Physics I-A
124  Analytical Physics I-B
140  The Greenhouse Effect
161  Elements of Physics
193  Physics for the Sciences
194  Physics for the Sciences
201  Extended General Physics
202  Extended General Physics
General Physics
203 (Summer) /   204 (Summer)
203  General Physics
204  General Physics
205/206  General Physics Lab
227  Analytical Physics II-A
    227  Analytical Physics II-A (Summer Session)
    228  Analytical Physics II-B
    229/230Analytical Physics Lab
    271  Honors Physics I
    272  Honors Physics II
    273  Honors Physics III
    275  Classical Physics Lab
    276  Classical Physics Lab
    296  Great Ideas That Shook Physics and the World
    301  Physics of Sound
    305  Modern Optics
    313  Modern Physics
    323/324  Advanced General Physics
    326  Computer Based Experimentation and Physics Computing
    327  Modern Instrumentation
    343  Observational Radio Astronomy
    344  Optical Observational Astronomy
    351  Thermal Physics
    361  Quantum Mechanics and Atomic Physics
    368  Junior Seminar
    381  Mechanics
    382  Mechanics
    385  Electromagnetism
    386  Electromagnetism
    387  Modern Physics Lab
    388  Exp. Modern Physics
    397  Physics of Modern Devices
    406  Introductory Solid State Physics
    418  Nuclear and Particle Physics
    441  Stars and Star Formation
    444  Introduction to Cosmology

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