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Colloquium Schedule

Spring 2017

Colloquia are held in the Physics and Astronomy Lecture Hall
at 4:45 P.M. on Wednesday afternoons.

Tea served 4.30pm-4.45pm. 

All welcome!  

Colloquiua will begin on Feb 1st. Please contact our administrative assistant  Stefanie Miller( with questions regarding travel arrangements and reimbursements. Questions about the colloquium  schedule should be addressed to Prof. Piers Coleman ( Fall 2017 Colloquia
Day  Title Speaker Speaker's Host.
Feb 1
Searching For Dark Matter In The Sky
Tracy Slatyer (MIT)
Matt Baumgart
Feb 8
Unstable fronts and stable "critters" formed by magnetic microrollers

Paul Chaikin (NYU)

Piers Coleman
Feb 15
No Colloquium this week.

Feb 22
The role of Mechanics and mechanical feedback in sculpting multicellular systems.
Madhav Mani
(North Western U.)
Gyan Bhanot
Mar 1
Next questions in neutrino physics and the NOvA experiment Ryan Patterson,
(Cal Tech)
John Paul Chou
Mar 8
Quantal Rotation: Molecules and Nuclei
Stefan Frauendorf
(Notre Dame U.)
Larry Zamick
Mar 15
Spring Break: no colloquium

Mar 22
Stephen Blundell (Oxford U)

Piers Coleman
Mar 29
Microscopy of atomic Fermi-Hubbard systems in new regimes.
Waseem Bakr
Piers Coleman
Apr 5
Steve Pollock
(CU Boulder)
Eugenia Etkina
Apr 12
The Statistical Mechanics of Stem Cells

Sid Goyal
(U. Toronto)
Gyan Bhanot
Apr 19
Observing the signature of a single prolific r-process event in an   ultra-faint dwarf galaxy
Anna Frebel (MIT)
Saurabh Jha
2017 Henry R.  and Gladys V. Irons Lecture

Kitchen Physics: Using the power of nano turn pencils into electronic devices using only things found at home

Jonathan Coleman
(Trinity College, Dublin)
Eva Andrei
Apr 26

Star Hacking: Finding the Next Earth and getting there.
Hakeem M. Oluseyi
Florida Inst of Technology & NASA
Andrew Baker