Rutgers The State University of New Jersey

Colloquium Schedule

Spring 2016

Colloquia are held in the Physics Lecture Hall
at 4:45 P.M. on Wednesday afternoons

Tea served 4.30pm-4.45pm. 

All welcome!  

Day  Title Speaker Speaker's Host.

Jan. 27 Physics on Broadway.
The story of That Physics Show:
development and ongoing evolution.
David Maiullo (intro),
Rutgers University
Vitaly Podzorov
Feb. 3
Not Even Wrong, ten year later: a view from mathematics on prospects for fundamental physics without experiment. Peter Woit,
Columbia University
Herbert Neuberger
Feb. 10 The perovskite fever & unusual carrier physics. Xiaoyang Zhu,
Columbia University
Vitaly Podzorov
Feb. 17 Next questions in neutrino physics and the NOvA experiment.
Ryan Patterson, CalTech
John Paul Chou
Feb. 24 Science at the timescale of an electron: harnessing the extreme non-linear optics of high harmonic generation for tabletop coherent X-rays. Margaret Murnane,
JILA, U. Colorado, Boulder
Sang-Wook Cheong
March 2 Robbins Lecture: Self-calibration, systematic errors, and exoplanet discovery. David W. Hogg,
New York University
Saurabh Jha
March 9 Recent progress in HIV/AIDS prevention and cure. Kshitij Wagh,
Los Alamos National Lab
Gyan Bhanot
March 23 Nuclear Weapons: from Beginning to End? Aron Bernstein,
Physics Dept. & The Lab for Nuclear Science,
Larry Zamick
March 30 Next Generation Cosmological Constraints on the Dark Sector and Gravity. Rachel Bean,
Cornell University
Eric Gawiser
April 2
IRON'S LECTURE: Time, Einstein and the coolest stuff in the Universe. William D. Phillips,
University of Maryland, College Park
Andrew Baker
April 6 Studying the quark gluon plasma at RHIC. Helen Caines,
Yale University
Sevil Salur
April 13 Planet Formation Under the Microscope: The Role of Ice Physics and Chemistry in the Compositions of Nascent Planets. Karin Oberg,
Harvard University
Andrew Baker
April 20 Shining a light on High Tc superconductivity.
Peter Johnson,
Brookhaven National Lab
Robert Bartynski
April 27 The future of Small.
Paul McEuen,
Cornell University
Sang-Wook Cheong
May 4
High speed biological imaging at and beyond the diffraction limit.
Hari Shroff, NIH
Sanghyuk Lee
Summer break

Sept. 7

Sept. 14

Sept. 21

Sept. 28 On the discovery of gravitational waves. Peter Shawhan,
The University of Maryland, LIGO
John Paul Chou