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Colloquium Schedule

Colloquia Are Held In The Physics Lecture Hall
At 4:45 P.M. On Wednesday Afternoons

Tea served 4.30pm-4.45pm  All welcome.  

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Fall 2014 Schedule

Date Speaker Topic Host
3-Sept Yuri Gershtein
Physics on the intersection of Electromagnetic and Weak Forces Somalwar
10-Sept David Shih
Supersymmetry and the LHC Thomas
17-Sept Chuck Keeton
Peering into the past with gravitational lensing Brooks
24-Sept Joe Silk
(IAP, JHU and Oxford)
The Challenge of Galaxy Formation Sellwood
1-Oct Rachel Somerville
Think Globally, Act Locally: Physical Models of Galaxy Formation in a Cosmological Framework Brooks
8-Oct Dan Pirjol
(J.P. Morgan)
Financial modelling -- a physicist's perspective Neuberger
15-Oct Tracy Slatyer
The Potential Dark Matter Signal in Light from the Central Milky Way Brooks
22-Oct Michael Romalis
Precision measurements with spin-polarized gases Thomas
29-Oct Moshe Gai
(U. of Connecticut)
The Origin of Carbon, The Hoyle State and Symmetry Zamick
5-Nov Alexandra Gade
Exotic atomic nuclei: Probing many-body physics and the origin of the elements Zamick
Boyd Colloquium
Daniel Blumenthal
Responding to Fukushima: Applying Physics in a Field Environment abstract flyer Cizewski
19-Nov Adina Luican
Custom low-dimensional material systems explored from atom to bulk
3-Dec Andy Geraci
University of Nevada (Reno)
Hunting for axions and new short-range forces with resonant sensors Thomas
Robbins Colloquium
Joe Lykken
(FNAL Chief Research Officer)
Neutrinos are everywhere Gershtein

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