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Prof. Robert A. Bartynski
Group Leader

Dr. Sylvie Rangan
Research Associate

Jonathan Viereck
Graduate Student


Joshua Cox
Undergrad Student
McNair Scholar


Gwen Chupka
Administrative Assistant

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Wenhua Chen

Chaz Ruggieri
Rutgers University

Ryan Thorpe
Rutgers University

Hao Wang
Research Associate

Dr. Hua Yao
General Electric

Dr. Shitao Lou

Dr. Dario Arena
University of South Florida
Dr. Wing-Kit Siu
Telcordia Inc.

Prof. Frank Curti
Simpson College

Martin Butterfield

Dr. James Lallo
Thermo Scientific

Rodney Gateau
Grad. Student, Stanford

Dr. Eric Bersch
Univ. at Albany
Dr. Levan Tskipuri
Univ. of Maryland

Dr. Anthony Danese
Research Associate

Christine Hsieh
Grad Student, Harvard



Dr. Jean-Francois Veyan
U. Texas-Dallas

Jack Hanson
Undergrad Student

David Ruffner
Grad Student, NYU

  Matt Posik
Grad Student, Temple


Dr. Quantong Shen

Dr. Senia Coh
Holy Names University

Grant Junno
Grad Student, Case Western

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Dr. Leszek Wielunski
Ion Beam Scientist

Boris Yakshinskiy
Research Associate

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Prof. Eric Garfunkel
Rutgers Chemistry
Project: High-K dielectrics

Prof. Giovanni Stefani
U. Roma III
Project: AR-APECS

Prof. Yicheng Lu
Rutgers Elec. Comp. Engr.
Project: Spintronic Materials
Prof. Alex Weiss
U. Texas-Arlington
Project: APECS

Dr. Steven Hulbert
NSLS, Brookhaven Nat. Lab.
Project: APECS

Dr. Roberto Gotter
TASC Lab. Trieste, Italy
Project: AR-APECS

Dr. Martin Frank
IBM, Yorktown Heights
Project: High-K dielectrics

Prof. Dunbar Birnie, III Rutgers Mat. Sci. & Engr.
Project: Photovoltaics

Prof. Patricio Haberle
TUFSM, Chile
Project: Nanostructures

 Francesco Offi
U. Roma III
Project: AR-APECS

 Prof. Jane Hinch
Rutgers Chemistry
Project: Molecules on MQWs

 Prof. Elena Galoppini
Chemistry, Rutgers-Newark
Project: Dye Molecules on Oxides

Prof. Glenn Amatucci
Rutgers MS&E
Project: Energy Storage