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Physics 464/511
Fall 2016
Lecture Notes


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Lecture Notes

Here are the short introduction to all the lectures

Here are my full notes intended for the lectures.

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Latexed Lectures are available in full format for easier on screen reading, shown by the icon . They are also given reduced to two pages/side for more efficient printing, linked with .

Topics Reference Pages Last Mod
Mathematical Preliminaries Lecture A: 1-59/7/16
Vector Spaces and Fields Lecture B: 1-199/12/16
More on Vector Spaces Lecture C: 1-89/12/16
Manifolds Lecture D: 1-149/22/16
Integration of n-forms Lecture E: 1-99/26/16
Separation of Variables; Curvilinear Coordinates Lecture F: 1-610/5/16
Infinite Series Lecture G: 1-1510/12/16
Review of Complex Variables Lecture H: 1-1810/24/16
Differential Equations Lecture I: 1-1410/25/16
Classical Orthogonal Polynomials Lecture J: 1-511/3/16
Some particular important functions Lecture K: 1-2711/07/16
Fourier Analysis Lecture L: 1-611/22/16
Integral Transforms Lecture M: 1-911/23/16
Numerical Methods Lecture N: 1-711/29/16
Special Relativity Lecture O: 1-911/29/16
Equivalence Principle, Vierbein and Metric Lecture P: 1-912/8/16
Parallel Transport Lecture Q: 1-612/8/16
Geodesic Deviation, Curvature, and the Field Equations Lecture R: 1-912/8/16

Supplementary Notes

Here are some supplementary notes which may or may not be relevant --- I have placed them here brought from other courses. Some of these may be relevant, but most probably not.

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