EVS - Event Sorter Program

An event data file starts with a header block of 80 Bytes and the character sequence 'evt/', more in event format. The header contains all information for evs to histogram or sort the data, although the length of the sorted spectra can be changed. Modifications in the setup window (length of spectra) are kept for new event data files until changed or evs is newly started.
The program shflhd with an event file name as input prints out the header information. An event file can be sampled using the procedure shevnt filename | more.

General Use.

Evs is a Xwindow application and built to be self explanatory.
Once an event file is opened data can be histogram-med and sorted. Depending on the selection in the sort setup window one can create

Mask File

A mask file is an empty histogram file where only the gate regions have a content. The content is a number which is an index for the histogram data pointers. So the value is very important.

There are two ways to create gate information using xsa.