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Current Course

During Fall 2010 semester, Prof. Kojima is teaching “Analytical Physics,”  Physics 123.  The course is an introductory course designed primarily for engineering and other science major students.  It covers classical Newtonian mechanics from linear to rotational motion.  See the course web site for details. 

Answers to quizzes in section 10.

Recent Teaching Innovations

Prof. Kojima introduced an options called “Exploration in Experimental Physics” into “Experiments in Modern and Applied Physics,” physics 388/389/506.   Most of the students enrolled in the class had taken the first part of the sequence in the previous fall semester.  They were ready to take on more challenging work.  Students were allowed to choose a project of their choice and worked on it throughout the semester.  The students were asked to plan and design their own experiments with available equipments.  See the course web site for more details.  All students who took the option enjoyed concentrating on one challenging project and gained much experience in carrying out independent work.

Current and Recent Undergraduate Physics Projects

“Search for Dissipation in Torsional Oscillator Induced by Fourth Sound Generation” (Aresty Research Project) Jennifer Yu and Victoria Yu, 2009, 2010

“Design of Triple Compound Torsional Oscillator” (Aresty Research Project) Parth Jariwala, 2009, 2010

“Unusual Behaviors of Supersolid  4He” (senior honors thesis) David Ruffner  2008

“New Compound Torsional Oscillator” Vaibhav Sharma 2008

“Search for Fourth Sound in Supersolid He-4” Herbert Silva  2008

“Sonoluminescence in Noble Gas Mixtures”(senior honors thesis) Michael Solway  2006

“Supersolid Phase of HCP Solid 4He at Ultra Low Temperatures”(senior honors thesis)  Joseph Graves  2006

“Stress-Driven Instability on Solid 4He Surface”(senior honors thesis) Tamer Elkholy  2004 (present address: Department of Physics, MIT)


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